My quarter life epiphany

Please welcome Stephanie from Quarter Life Epiphany, the newest contributing writer here at Go See Write! At 24 years old, I had a great life. I did all the “right” things; I was on track for achieving the American Dream. I had a college degree, a nice office job, a new Jeep, and my own apartment. [...]
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Where to do yoga in Thailand

Yoga in Thailand with Thailand Yoga Holidays
If the latest fitness-friendly Instagram selfie craze is anything to go by, jaunting around the world to deepen your yoga practice is more popular than ever – and Thailand serves as a perfect place to do your downward dogs while staying in some gorgeous spots. You can attend classes, studios and retreats across the country, [...]
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3 things to do in Koh Samui that don’t involve the beach

People travel to Koh Samui in Thailand mainly to enjoy the white sandy beaches and crystal blue waters. But if you’re recovering from a sunburn or just want a break from getting sand in all the crevices of your body, here are three things you’ll be surprised to discover on this little island paradise: Swim [...]
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The perfect Tuscany road trip – part 1

tuscany road trip
Our Tuscany Dream Road Trip – Part 1 A lot of people think Tuscany is overrated and search out lesser known parts of Italy to explore. But, although each region has many wonderful things to offer, there’s a reason Tuscany is up there on every Italy lover’s list. Many consider its cuisine the best in [...]
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The top things to do and see in Morocco

A short ferry ride away from Europe, you will find Morocco, the magical land of camels, mosques and beautiful natural landscapes. From impressive waterfalls to the stunning coastal sea-side, Morocco has a lot more to offer than just deserts (although of course, a visit to the Sahara is definitely a must!). Here’s some of the best [...]
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Top 5 totally free activities in Rio de Janeiro

Travelers love South America for its accessible language, easy transportation, and relatively inexpensive prices. But within the region, one notorious budget-breaker (and language anomaly) tends to be avoided or quickly skipped through. The rumors are true: compared to the rest of South America, Brazil can be more difficult. The whole country is pretty pricey – [...]
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Emails from idiots with no sense of humor

I got an email today. I haven’t written anything in what seems like a year, but this nonsense might get me to take some time off starting up my new business and writing something here occasionally. Sidenote before I publish this twits email in full — I’ve decided to turn off comments on all the [...]
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5 of the best things to do in Budapest

London. Paris, Barcelona. Rome. Each of those European cities are fascinating and beautiful in their own right, but if you’re looking to skip the droves of tourists and save a few dollars, book a plane or train ticket to Budapest, Hungary. The magical city of Budapest sits on the banks of the Danube River in [...]
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10 things that will surprise you your first time in Thailand

Shoes off in Thailand

I love being able to spend significant amounts of time in a foreign country and really dig into what makes […]


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