You may have seen it written in various photography articles and how-to-guides, but how do you exactly capture the essence of your trip through photos? Read on below for tips on how to take travel photo book-ready photos that don’t just attract but also captivate your audience by the stories [...]

Capturing the Essence of Your Travels Through Photography

  Charlotte originated as a railroad town, and as you would expect from a regional transport hub, it’s a city with a cosmopolitan population. You’ll recognize this aspect in a range of cultural offerings throughout the city. From high-end cuisine to traditional Southern staples, the food and drink here is [...]

Planning Your Cultural Break In Charlotte

You know that feeling when you book a hotel room for the night that comes with a “free” breakfast? You plan your night around getting to bed at a decent hour, set your alarm, wake up nice and early to ensure you have plenty of time to indulge in the [...]

Prague Boats – Come for the view; Stay for the ...

Experiencing Christmas in the Czech Republic included a lot of new foods, traditions, and superstitious activities that quite often result in a foretelling of fast approaching death. It kind of felt like I was in Professor Trelawney’s classroom (you’re welcome, Harry Potter fans). Czechs eat their Christmas dinner on the [...]

Impending Doom: My Quirky Christmas in Czech Republic

Bologna 5
Bologna is known as the fat one. It’s Italy’s food capital but it has a lot more to offer than tortellini and we made a point of searching out things that make it special. Here are a few suggestions on how you can spend some time in La Grassa (that means [...]

Things to do in Bologna

Bacalar: The Yucatan Peninsula's Best Kept Secret 1
You’ve heard of Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum, but have you ever heard of Bacalar? If it doesn’t ring a bell, the next time you’re in the Yucatán Peninsula, venture to this quiet little town for some R&R. The landscape will take your breath away. Tucked away close to [...]

Bacalar: The Yucatan Peninsula’s Best Kept Secret

Christmas is officially over! We survived the stress, the last minute shopping, and the family gatherings. Congratulations! Time to move on to the next panic inducing celebration. New Year’s resolutions start off as promises to be a better person. They begin as daydreams of what a fantastic person you’re about [...]

17 New Year’s Resolutions For 2017 That Will Help You ...

I’m not going to lie, skiing holidays can be expensive.  But there are ways of saving money and, believe it or not, you can enjoy a skiing or snowboarding trip on a backpackers’ budget. Although I don’t go every year, I do enjoy skiing and attempting to snowboard.  It’s a great way [...]

Tips for Booking a Budget Skiing or Snowboarding Trip

Getting from point A to point B can sometimes be the worst part of travel. I like arriving; I like getting there; I like point B. If you plan for it, are open to the unknown, and can stay awake for long periods of time, the journey to your destination [...]

8 Hours in Amsterdam: An itinerary for a long layover

Museum of Broken Relationships 1
Museums are not usually the #1 activity I want to when traveling. I prefer to explore a new city on foot and get up close and personal with the culture. Every now and then, I’ll opt to spend time discovering a museum when traveling. With a few days to explore Zagreb, [...]

The Museum of Broken Relationships: A rare find in Zagreb

turin 4
Choose Turin Not many travellers choose Turin over Florence, Rome, or even Siena and some say the tourism office doesn’t try hard enough to attract tourists to this great city. We figure they’re just trying to keep their awesome city under wraps for as long as possible. We had planned [...]

Things to do in Turin

Tokyo is the capital of Japan, but many consider Osaka to be the heart of the country. More than 17 million people live in metropolitan Osaka, making it the third largest city in Japan. It’s famous for its history, cuisine, and bustling commercial spirit. Discover Osaka’s luxurious facilities and indulgent [...]

Planning Your Next Luxury Getaway In Osaka, Japan