A weekend visit to Lloret de Mar in Spain 3
Add to Flipboard Magazine. The year I lived in Spain was one of the best years of my life. Why? It was so easy to travel all over Europe! The best thing about Spain itself was that I didn’t even have to travel out of the country to experience exotic [...]

A weekend visit to Lloret de Mar in Spain

Add to Flipboard Magazine. If you’ve read any blog posts of mine lately, you know that I’ve spent quite a bit of time in Prague and absolutely love that city. I’m not used to staying in one place for too long so it was nice to be able to stay [...]

Reasons To Visit Kutná Hora

Add to Flipboard Magazine. If you’ve read any of my recent blog posts, or you’ve been following along on Instagram, you’ll know that I recently took on a challenge to spend a weekend in Copenhagen for under £200. Because I had a limited amount of time (the equivalent of two full days) [...]

Your mini guide to the neighbourhoods of Copenhagen

florence 8
Add to Flipboard Magazine. Spending any length of time in a big city can become costly. We recently spent a month in Florence and being on a tight budget we needed to find affordable things to do and eat. We were pleasantly surprised to discover many activities that cost next [...]

Things to do in Florence that won’t break the bank

Add to Flipboard Magazine. Anyone who travels internationally regularly will have found themselves on a bus or coach heading for the city center in their destination at some point in their travels, or in the back of a cab. The choice to take public transport or a local taxi is [...]

The Clever Alternative Chauffeur Service From The Airport

Add to Flipboard Magazine. From Florence to Salerno I lived in Bangkok, Thailand for just shy of two years, and spent an extensive amount of time visiting as much of the country as I could cram into my vacation time and long weekends. Because of that, I tend to be the go-to recommendation [...]

The Best Island That Isn’t Actually an Island

roadtrip italy 9
Add to Flipboard Magazine. From Florence to Salerno We’ve been on a few road trips through Italy in the past. We love the freedom and Tim loves to drive. This time we would be heading East, South and then West with our final destination being Salerno where we would drop the car [...]

From Florence to Salerno, an Italian road trip

Add to Flipboard Magazine. Italy’s capital is, historically and architecturally, one of the most impressive places I’ve visited. Walking in and around the Colosseum and the forum was a major highlight and the rest of the must see sights are easy to explore by foot. The web of lanes and [...]

A Day In Rome – What To Eat

5 Things to do on a long layover in Iceland 4
Add to Flipboard Magazine. Iceland is on the rise as the new hot destination for adventurous travelers. One of the reasons for this is because Icelandic airlines now offer cheap flights between North America and Europe with a long layover in Iceland. With limited time in Reykjavík, Iceland’s capital, maximizing [...]

5 Things to do on a long layover in Iceland

Add to Flipboard Magazine. The grand city of Montreal in Quebec is one of the oldest cities in Canada, and even when the first Western settlers arrived in the region, there was already a settlement of natives at this key location on the Saint Lawrence river. Its history saw the [...]

Explore The Wonderful Outdoors Of Montreal

Add to Flipboard Magazine. If you read last month’s post you’ll know that Myanmar surprised me in many ways, not least with its culinary offerings.  The food here is so diverse – borrowing influences from Indian, Thai, and Chinese cuisine – and also utterly unique. I was also surprised by the quality [...]

4 of my Favourite Restaurants in Myanmar

Add to Flipboard Magazine. To me, there’s nothing more romantic than taking off to one of my European bucket list destinations. Romance, in these cities, can be found in the most simple of ways. It can be found by turning corners and seeing where they take you, by wandering down [...]

What To Do in 5 of the Most Romantic European ...