How to use Airbnb on your travels

Airbnb is a website that has seen a significant growth in popularity since it was founded. The idea of being able to find apartment rentals or room rentals online is one that is very attractive and provides a different way to stay in a new destination. Because it is quite new, the website’s interface may [...]
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Orvieto, not just another hill town

A short trip north of Rome is the small town of Orvieto. From the moment you see it perched up on its volcanic plug, you can tell it’s a special place. With its 360 degree views of the surrounding countryside and vineyards, it’s no wonder a number of popes have called Orvieto home over the years. [...]
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Tips for traveling through Germany and Italy with Eurail

Having a Eurail train pass made traveling through Germany and Italy a breeze. From spectacular sunsets to stunning scenery – this is the only way to travel in Europe. Germany My boyfriend and I first used the pass to travel through Germany’s major cities – Frankfurt, Berlin and Munich. Frankfurt was our first stop and was [...]
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Where to go for Southeast Asia’s best street food

Streetfood in Bangkok
One of the things that makes Southeast Asia so enticing to foreign travelers is its abundance of cheap street eats. Sure, there may be a food truck craze going on in the West, but it can’t compare to the street food found around every corner in Asia. That said, there are several hotspots to check out if [...]
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A Monster of a Day

Parco dei Mostri
An hour North of Rome you’ll find the little town of Bomarzo. At first look it doesn’t seem like anything special, but a few meters from the town is the Sacred Wood, also known as Parco dei Mostri (Monster Park). It might sound like the type of place that you’d read about in a classic [...]
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A new perspective on the Big Apple

Loyalty points from travel rewards credit cards can be most valuable in high-cost destinations like New York City
New York is the city that people will know about, and the major sights such as the Statue of Liberty and Times Square are what everyone will see on their first trip to the city. One of the things that changes with the number of visits to the city is that you start to look [...]
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Seeing Italy on foot with Walks Of Italy

Italy is an amazing country and one which offers a variety of history, culture and great food to anyone visiting. And, as a country with a strong tourist industry, there are plenty of tour options available. While it is possible to see the country through the window of a tour bus, the benefit of taking a [...]
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Historical sites to see on Corregidor Island in the Philippines

Pacific War Memorial on Corregidor Island
This small island lies near the entrance to Manila Bay, and has become a tourist attraction because of its history in the Second World War – it was one of the most important strategic locations in the Pacific. Without control of Corregidor, the Japanese forces couldn’t rely on control of Manila Bay, and the US [...]
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Beating back travel burnout in Thailand

I had some serious misgivings when I booked my plane ticket to Thailand last October. I had just returned from […]


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