7 of the World’s Most Picturesque Desert Landscapes

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile
My eyes grew so wide with childlike wonder the first time I saw a desert in real life. Deserts are the one type of landscape that always amazes me. I initially thought they were only found in places like Africa or Asia. As I’ve been traversing the globe, I’ve visited a few remarkable deserts that are all [...]
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The best walks to take around Sydney

Best walks to take in Sydney, Australia
  I’m, without a doubt, a walker. I prefer walking to driving the majority of the time, especially when I’m in big cities. It’s a way for me to get my bearings while in a new place and discover things at a slower pace that I surely would’ve missed passing by in a vehicle. Walking [...]
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Exploring Italy’s Atlantic coast: 5 of the prettiest towns you’ve probably never heard of

I cycled along Italy’s Adriatic coastline as part of a cycling tour that started in Venice and ended in the town of Poreç, along the Istrian Peninsula in northern Croatia.  It’s an area of Italy that often gets overlooked in favour of the colourful Cinque Terre, the Almafi Coast, and the ancient cities of Rome, [...]
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Romance In Argentina: 5 Things To Do With Your Significant Other In Buenos Aires

Central and South American travel seems to be getting pretty hot right now, for a number of different reasons. The clearest of these reasons is that Brazil has commanded the international spotlight for the better part of five years now, given preparations for the 2014 World Cup and now the 2016 Summer Olympics. Incidentally, Olympic [...]
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Top free activities in Las Vegas

There are a lot of things to spend your hard earned money on in Vegas. A lot. If you’re looking for ways to blow your cash, you can order bottle service at one of the hottest clubs, tour around the city in a limo, go wild on tacky souvenirs (guilty), or keep telling yourself that [...]
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5 day trips to take from Melbourne

Yarra Valley - Victoria, Australia
There is plenty to keep you busy in Melbourne, but the territory of Victoria is such a stunning spot in Australia, it would a shame to miss out on some of that natural beauty during your time in the region. I tried to take as many day trips as possible when I was living in [...]
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Top Things To Do On Prince Edward Island During the Off Season

Prince Edward Island is the smallest province in Canada and is known as the “Birthplace of Confederation” because the capital city, Charlottetown, is where the idea of Canada was born. The Island history dates back thousands of years before that to the early Mi’kmaq settlement. Although small, PEI has a mighty tourism industry that draws [...]
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Mexico City’s Posh Polanco

One of my favorite neighborhoods in the much maligned Mexico City is also fortunately MY own neighborhood! Polanco is far different than the dark, dingy (and often dishonest) portrayal of Mexico’s sprawling capital that is so common in the media. In fact, Polanco is vibrant, modern, beautiful, and even downright posh. Aside from being an [...]
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Road tripping through France

Road Tripping Through France

There’s something to be said about heading out on the open highway, the wind blowing through the windows, the freedom […]


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