Music, Memory and Sailing

I think I might possibly get in a small bit of trouble with Wiley. I’ve been good about not talking about how fortunate I am with my current residence situation in Grenada, at least regarding his company’s name, since I don’t want to get him in any trouble. When I posted the pics of the sailboat I’ve been on for the last week, I went and altered the photos I took to eliminate the name.

Not that I think anyone reads this blog, or more importantly, than anyone reading it would try to get Wiley in trouble, but I have just tried to use an overabundance of caution.

But I couldn’t get the name of the boat out of my head. It haunted me. I’d climb back aboard after morning coffee, or afternoon beers, and one song kept pounding away in my head.

For those of you that grew up in the 80s, I expect the Google Analytics report on this page is going to show you spend enough time here to actually sit and watch and listen to this video. Cause this was one of the one-hit wonders of our generation.

The rest of ya…. well, it might not mean that much.

I have written before about the power of music and memory. Music brings thoughts and images of the past more quickly and vividly to my head than anything else.

Then again, it could be the rum tonight, but roll with it.

Everyone thinks when they grew up was the best time ever. I am one of those everyone — the 80s were a great decade to grow up in — if only for the amazing one-hit wonder songs that keep dancing in my head via the ever present mental juke box that I am cursed with.

We sail this afternoon. Ironically on another boat. Four folks in their 70s chartered out the catamaran that inspired this blog. I feel certain they have never heard that Falco song that I recall so fondly from my teenage years.

We sail on a monohull in a few hours for three or four days of cruising the southern West Indies with a rather boring name that makes me want to meet the owners and ask, “that’s all ya got?”

But I shall have 80s songs cued up on the iPod. Wiley was born in 1986. His girlfriend a few years later. I shall make them fans of this decade, my decade, the decade they were born in, by the end of this journey…..

12 thoughts on “Music, Memory and Sailing

  1. Yeah… I was born before that. But thanks, now I am going to have this song in my head. :X

  2. I vividly remember the Amadeus movie even though I was a kid when it came out. This song doesn’t ring a bell, though. I can’t picture this electro 80s tune in that film! You’ve inspired me to rewatch it on Netflix 🙂

  3. I completely know what you mean by being so dedicated to the music we grew up with. I have probably only added 30 songs to my iPod in the past 3 years but usually prefer the 2000 or so from my college years and early 20s.

  4. You should be horrified to know that our 80s music has come back to haunt me via my daughters iPods. Very strange.

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