Interview with Liz Borod Wright of 13 Questions

Liz, though she certainly does not look to be anywhere near old enough to merit this phrase, is a travel industry veteran and someone whose brain I want to start picking soon for business ideas and concepts.

She started in January of 2009, which is a lifetime ago in this area of the interwebs.  Prior to starting Travelogged, Liz was a senior editor at She has also held staff positions at, Life & Style Weekly, Folio, Good Housekeeping and  She’s got a lot of skins on the wall. Unlike some of the other travel bloggers, including me, her website doesn’t go in for any snark or such craziness — it is a straight, solid, broad, well-researched website filled with travel tips, suggestions and advice.

She’s got everything there — so get over there and check it out.  And follow her on Twitter, but in the meantime, enjoy her answers to the Lucky 13:

1.  Someone gave you $10,000 on the conditions that you spend it friviously and not on travel.  How do you spend it? I would buy a gorgeous rug. When I visited Istanbul, I saw so many gorgeous rugs but left empty-handed. Sigh.

nancy drew book cover
Diary? Modern version = Blog

2.  First book you read that moved you. That would be whichever Nancy Drew book I read first – I think I was in the second grade. I was totally addicted and read every single one.

3.  What is your high score bowling. I think I broke 100 once, but maybe I’m just hoping.

4.  Give me what you want your one paragraph obituary in the NY Times to say. I have no idea – maybe I’ve had a lot of success at something that hasn’t even been invented yet. After all, ten years ago I never knew I’d be blogging.

profiteroles chocolate
Yummmmmm, tasty

5.  Is there a dessert you can never pass up?  If so, what is it? Profiteroles – the kind with ice cream, not cream.

6.  What is your favorite magazine? Travel + Leisure

7.  What do you miss most from high school? I was the editor-in-chief of the high school newspaper and I loved it. Having reminds me of that, except that there’s only a staff of one. newsweek cover oprah winfrey

8.  Celebrity that you would most like to slap or berate in person. Am I the only person who finds Oprah unbearably annoying?

9.  What do you fear most about old age? There’s a lot to fear about old age, but I have travel photojournalist extraordinaire Jered Barclay as my inspiration. Despite celebrating a big birthday last year, Jered took some fantastic trips to the Middle East and to Europe. He proves that if you’re fortunate enough to have your health and maintain your zest for life, age is nothing but a number.

10.  What is your favorite one-hit wonder song of all time? My Sharona

11.  Most overrated country? I don’t think I’ve been to an overrated country yet. They’ve all either been correctly rated or underrated.

12.  Fill in the blank: if I knew there was a zero percent chance I would be arrested, I would _________________. I think I would hang out in a museum after it was closed and have the run of the place. But not NYC’s Natural History Museum – I’ve seen Night at the Museum, thank you very much.

13.  What fictional character would you most want to hang out with for a day? Well, now you’ve got me thinking about Nancy Drew because of question #2. So I’ll say Nancy. I think she would have been a great blogger!

16 thoughts on “Interview with Liz Borod Wright of 13 Questions

  1. I hope you are one of the only people who finds Oprah annoying! Did Oprah come to mind before such important figures / humanitarians as Sarah Palin, The Kardashians or the entire cast of every MTV show in the last 10 years?!

    *stepping down from soap box*

    Oh, and we kinda dig Andi 😉

    1. Hi! I guess I was just thinking of whom I find annoying… The ubiquitous brand of Oprah has always annoyed me. But I don’t really want to slap or berate her! She has done amazing things and is very generous. Just don’t make me watch her show, or rather, should I say network. I’d actually much rather watch Snooki — I like the Jersey Shore!

  2. yeah, you are a great blogger. I like your writings, beside this your website is an encyclopaedia for every traveller.

  3. I’m with you on the Oprah thing. Her massive giveaway shows…really? Is promoting all of thar excessive consumerism necessary? The world is definitely better off for having Oprah, in many ways, but she has some grand annoyances as well.

  4. Liz, you’re not the only one in your disliking of Ophra. I completely don’t get what the whole fuss is about when it comes to this woman. People screaming, shaking and fainting in here presence… Weird

  5. Nancy Drew is awesome. As a kid I spend many nights staying up late reading those books. And I kinda get what you mean by Oprah. She’s done good things, but I can only take so much of her.

  6. I agree with Dalene – definitely some pros and cons to the Oprah debate! I just checked out your website for the first time, Liz, and it looks like a great resource. 🙂

    1. for you? Nothing but a drop in the bucket of your massive wallet 😉

      1. haha… it’s funny because my wallet is actually huge. People say it’s like a pocket book.. and I say shut up.
        But really… there’s no money in it, so I hope the rugs are free

  7. Aww, I kinda love Oprah 🙂 And you’ve given me a new mission in life: try a Profiteroles – love desserts and have never heard of this one!

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