Venice in Colorful Photographs

canals of Venice Italy in HDRVenice is one of my favorite cities to shoot photos in. The colors are amazing, similar to Cartagena in that respect. The juxtaposition of the water and the buildings and the light and shadows can be breathtaking. And the lines provided by the canals make for great photography sight lines.

There is nothing like Venice for a photographer.

I think I took about 1,000 photographs in the two days that I spent in Venice, so excuse my slowly bringing them out here on the website, since I’ve got so many to go through. Here are a few more that I liked quite a bit — hope you do also.

Venice canal in black and white
although the colors are great in Venice, I like some B&W here also
Venice Gondolier portrait on chair
I just like this gondolier and he was nice enough to allow me to photograph him
photographs of venice italy
Venice Grand Canal from Accademia Bridge
venice italy photography
some more black and white Venice photography
photographs of venice italy
just a cool building, with one of the few trees in town
venice italy photographs
just the stuff you see around every other corner

If you haven’t been to Venice, I hope you take a few days and really enjoy it. Try to stay away from the area around the Plaza San Marco, which is the hub of the tourist area, and explore around the other parts of the various islands. Venice, Italy is an amazing place to get lost, eat, drink and take great photographs. Enjoy.

18 thoughts on “Venice in Colorful Photographs

  1. Great photos. Looks as though you really enjoyed Venice, then? Italy’s been on our list for ages. We even bought the Rough Guide to Italy in 1998 because we were going to travel the country by train…we came to Turkey for the first time instead and now look what’s happened!! 🙂

  2. Great pictures. I had pleasure of being in Venice November 2009 and these pictures brought me back. Admit that I never thought of turning some of the pictures to black & white but seeing these… Will have to look through them again and see what could work! Thanks for the ideas,

  3. Beautiful – I especially love the black & whites and the last photo. Hope you ate well while yiubwere there! 🙂

  4. Fantastic pictures! the one taken from Accademia Bridge is a fantastic piece that reminds me those masterworks from Canaletto.
    Thank you for sharing them!

  5. I’ve only been to Venice once, and happily for me it was at a time when money wasn’t so tight, and we had introductions to local people, even then I remember thinking how expensive it was but TOTALLY worth it. It’s beauty and its atmosphere are totally unique

  6. I love Venice!! These photos really make me want to go back for a visit. I particularly like the B&W shots. In a city so full of color it is a really lovely way to highlight the beauty of the architecture.

  7. That first photo is gorgeous and very much what I think of when I think Venice without being quite as in your face “this is Venice” as the stereotypical picture of a gondolier standing on the prow of his gondola.

  8. I was living at Treviso (few miles from Venice) 11 years ago, your pics taked me back on time, great job!
    I hope the venetians have treated you well…….


  9. Going in November and looking forward to the sites and taking some photographs. Thanks for sharing these, bellisimo!

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