Angkor Wat: A Photographic Taster

bayon temple cambodia
I have been spending a bit of time in Siem Reap, Cambodia, working on some new photography skills with an excellent photographer and friend, Holger of Vel el Mundo (I see the world). I am learning a ton from him.

Get ready for time lapse movies coming soon from Angkor Wat, and then many more places. Good ones, I hope.

In the meantime, here are a few photos from the shooting so far.

angkor wat sunrise over temple

faces of bayon temple
bayon temple faces

pre sunrise angkor wat temple cambodia

And a couple of my earlier efforts there, which still don’t look too bad, in my opinion: Bayon Faces and Monks as Tourists.

45 thoughts on “Angkor Wat: A Photographic Taster

    1. I was there for enough time to luckily be able to wait out some of the bad skies. Was really great to shoot with a pro photographer friend.

    1. Very true, Gary. Pretty much everywhere you turn, you can snap a good photo. I hope that my time lapse stuff worked out. We’ll know here in a few days when I get down to editing.

  1. Awesome photos, Michael.

    Taking a photography course is something I’d love to do. Just have to find one not costing a fortune…

    1. I think one of the best ways to learn is to do what I did this particular week — find one of our expert photography blogging friends to shoot and edit with you. Was an invaluable week for me.

    1. Awww, thanks. That will be part of the time lapse sequence I am going to try to put together this week.

    1. You will have a great time. I think that is the low water season, so you might not get some of the great reflection shots, but you will take hundreds of good ones nonetheless.

  2. I loved AngKor Wat when I was there this summer. These pictures are amazing. I really like the ones of the Banyon faces – its pretty hard to capture the carving in real life.

    1. I tried a variety of different things on those faces, which I love, but never really got the effect I was looking for. Will be back next month to try again.

    1. I think the next thing I will be doing is some video. Hopefully soon.

  3. You’re in one of my favourite parts of the world! Love that place! Not a fan of the HD look to be honest, and increasingly seeing HD images of Angkor, but these are truly beautiful. Great stuff!

    If you’ve got a bit of time on your hands, please contact Janet Chan, PR/Marketing director at Hotel de la Paix – tell her I suggested you get in touch. The people there are really suffering from the flooding (although not getting as much media coverage as Thailand) and they’re working hard at the moment to do a lot to get donations to help 6000 families affected around Siem Reap. They assisted 1400 families so far by gathering and delivering food packages. They’re going out again next Sunday so may need a hand or just help on social media. I’ll be putting up a post today and will ping you.

    Enjoy your photography lessons – and Siem Reap!

    1. For some reason, I didn’t see this until after I left, but I will try to check them out when I return next time. Thanks.

  4. Beautiful shots! We’re planning a trip to Angkor as soon as we can save up a little bit, although I doubt we’ll end up with photos so stunning!

    1. Well, like Gary said, it is a pretty easy place to take good photos, so I bet you take some great ones!

  5. Stunning photos mate! I still haven’t gone through my photos from Angkor (too many of them), but now I am worried that they aren’t nowhere near as good as yours!

    1. I worry that I didn’t copy all of mine to a safe place and might lose them before I go through the thousands that I have! Damn. Thousands. Lots of work to do.

    1. Awww, thanks. I think I am slowly getting better. We’ll see.

    1. Thanks, Baron! I will keep trying till I get a few right.

  6. These are beautiful photographs, nice work! Travel photography is so great, it really gets you to see what you are looking at, and think about how you want to show that little part of the world to others. I would love to improve my skills, as well – practice makes perfect, I suppose. Lucky you to have a great teacher!

    1. Learned a ton from Holger here, for sure. And you are right — practice is what everyone needs to improve for sure.

    1. Thank you so much, Adrian. There are some great free resources out there to check out also.

  7. Nice work of photograph!All this photo is really great I love taking picture also..This is perfect I want to see more photo..

  8. Beautiful pictures… I love to see these structures in person. Thank you for sharing this.

  9. Love your first photo (I think that’s the Bayon?) and the second one with the sun star. Glad you guys had so much fun shooting, Holger is a great photographer, I learned a lot from being around him too.

    Looking forward to seeing your timelapses!

    – Lily

    1. You have ID’d you locations well. And yes, Holger is great fun to shoot with.

  10. Hi Mike, I now see what you mean when you told me today about camping out there with your photographer friend and the results are absolutely lovely. Well, the last time I visited Angkor was back in 2006 when dslr’s costs an arm and leg. Seeing the pics now makes me wanna go back there for another round of shooting.

    Nice to have met you and see ya soon! Oh yeah, Gary kind of nailed it when he said it’s hard not to take a good picture there… except when the bus loads of tourist come in… hehe.

    1. You definitely need to head back up there. I think during or after the rainy season might be the best time. The ponds are full and the reflections are great. And the skies have those fabulous clouds overhead. Enjoy — I can’t wait to see your pics.

  11. Some nice shots here Michael. I’m dying to make it over there, I just love the images I see from there, inspiring place it would seem (minus all us tourists LOL). Can’t wait to see your timelapse videos.

    BTW, are some of these HDR?


  12. CAmbodia is an incredible place, I was there last April at Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom in Siem Reap and long to go back. You took some amazing photos that brought back some great memories.

    1. Thanks Lawrence. It is one of my favorite places to photograph in the world.

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