Old School Car in Hanoi Garage: Photo of the Day

old red car in hanoi garage


Near the end of the Ultimate Train Challenge, we had about a 12 hour break between trains in one of my favorite big cities, Hanoi. The day ended up being a real pick-me-up, since I took my camera out and wandered around for hours.

This was a huge day for me in the UTC scavenger hunt. I had pretty much given up on that part of the Ultimate Train Challenge competitions, since Jeannie and Nora had really done masterful work getting some of the truly difficult items, but I had a huge comeback on this day — read about it here on the UTC site. Reason enough to flip over and check that post out… many pictures of me with brides. A close as I may ever come.

The days where I really enjoy taking photos are the days when I am alone and willing to reach out a little more than is my usual personality. Basically, the days where I am willing to ask a large number of people if I can take photos of them and their stuff, without my normal fear of constant rejection on that front.

This particular shot was taken in a very small garage. I was just walking by and caught a glimpse of this old car out of the corner of my eye. I went up and made the universal motion for “can I take some photos” and got the nod.

It was a good day.


p.s. I never would have had this particular opportunity without the great guiding by China Odyssey Tours. They were so fabulous to deal with in China and Vietnam and a great resource for us.

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  1. I was wondering what would’ve happened it your didn’t ask but just proceed to take pictures. Will Vietnamese people be very mad at you? or just leave you alone to do your thing.

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