Cabo Polonio, Uruguay Photo Essay

television on beach at cabo polonio uruguay
in a town with no electricity, this is the TV room

Recently I was contacted by some folks wanting copies of some of my old photos from a number of locations. Hopefully they end up liking some of them and using them. It did make me go back and re-edit some of my pictures from my RTW trip in 2009-10 though, which was good.

This little town was one of my favorites and if I was at a point in life where I could easily manage a few weeks without the internet (yes, you can make jokes, but I do actually need it for income now, in addition to my daily news, sports and Facebook addiction fixes), then this would likely be a place I could live for a bit.

Why no internet? No electricity.

Cabo Polonio doesn’t have any power lines running to it. In fact, it doesn’t have any roads running to it either, you need to get there via a shuttle truck that picks you up from the highway and takes you the few miles to town. Some places in town do have generators, so you can get cold drinks and refrigerated products.

But this is a beach location for when you are ready to unplug, even more so than this little town I found in Tobago. This is my previous, longer post on Cabo Polonio, with my previously edited photos… I think I’ve gotten better with these tools.

woman walking on beach cabo polonio uruguay
a nice stroll on the beach


cabo polonio main street
when this is "Main Street," you get the point of a place...


red rental house cabo polonio uruguay
one of the local houses, likely for rent


cow on cabo polonio beach
the beaches are not just for people anymore


cabo polonio uruguay beach view of town
just a view down the beach


red yellow black painted house cabo polonio uruguay beach town
one of the local artist's homes



37 thoughts on “Cabo Polonio, Uruguay Photo Essay

    1. thanks, Baron. Working with other, much better, photographers has really helped me. Hoping to keep improving, as I am sure you are also!

    1. Yea, it would be really tough to get work done, but I think I could manage a week or so. Would be good therapy.

  1. That first photo is both funny and well-framed! Are these shots HDR? They’re absolutely lovely, and the colors really pop.

    1. No HDR on these shots. The first one was right outside my hostel. Loved that place.

  2. Hope you don’t mind, but I borrowed the photo of the little Red House and the cow on the beach to send to my family stating it was my new home. They are certain that is exactly how I will be living when I leave the USA. I love it. I love tormenting them. Are all Americans that arrogant or is it just my family?

    Actually, except for serious Internet withdrawal, giving up electricity would require one to get off their butts and actually live life. Speaking for myself included. How easy is it to come home, turn on the AC and the TV and plant yourself on the sofa?

    I envy you your travels and fabulous experiences that you should put in a book some day.

    1. of course that is ok – no worries. Glad you like the photos and thanks for the email update.

  3. I love these shots! The first one and the one of the rust-colored house are my favorites, I think. Isn’t it great to go back through old photos and discover that they’re actually pretty great?

    1. I wish my old photos were so much better… but good editing now helps 😉

  4. Looks like an awesome place to get away from it all! I love Uruguay – one of my long-shot dreams is to build a ranch there one day.

  5. The cow on the beach is the best! I only saw Colonia (for a border run from Buenos Aires), and i was not impressed. But this looks like a place I might actually enjoy to get away from it all for a while and wean myself from my internet addiction.

    1. Yea, I love that cow photo also. Just so odd. I think you’d like some parts of Uruguay, if you hop over and give it a chance.

    1. I wish I would have walked up to some of those houses and knocked on the door and offered a beer or two to look around. Next time.

  6. Those sand dunes at the top compel me to want to do a face plant. So soft looking! Sadly, I’ve spent very little time in South America, only visiting Brazil. Would love to see Uruguay, too.

    1. Funny you say that… I did a drunken face plant one dark night (no lights, remember) into one of them. They were… not soft.

    1. Awwww, that means a lot coming from you, as great as your photos are!

  7. Great shots sir. The bull on the beach is my favorite, perfect composition. You are becoming quite a master yourself 🙂

  8. Wow this looks gorgeous! However I cannot pretend like I would love it here, I am not a super relaxed person. 2 days of this and I would be ready for a city.

  9. The photo of the TV on the beach is my new screensaver. I told my neighbor (who is very naive) that there is a gas generator that is only available on Saturday night so the whole neighborhood gathers around that TV to watch reruns of I Love Lucy and Gunsmoke. She believed me! I am wicked bad.

  10. Those photos definitely made up my mind on where I am going this summer in Uruguay. Wow!

  11. Just spent three days in Cabo Polonio (a luxary version, stayed in a house by the light house having electricity from the grid, running water, barbacoa indoors, …) and I love this place. Will for sure return next time in Uruguay.
    Took tons of bracketed pictures with the intent to make HDR out of them.

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