Vintage Travel Posters (Part Two)

I was a bit surprised at how popular my last post of vintage travel posters was, but since I am obviously a huge fan of some of the styles (ergo my entire site redesign), I thought I’d browse around the interwebs and see if I could come up with some more ones that I love.

Mission accomplished.

If you like these posters, you can see my previous set of vintage travel posters here and you, if you’d like, can also follow along my Pinterest board that I have dedicated to the topic.











4 thoughts on “Vintage Travel Posters (Part Two)

  1. If I had a home I’m sure I would have a few vintage travel posters hanging up around the house. No reprints though, they would have to be originals

  2. I love the Texas poster. These make me nostalgic for something I’ve never known.

  3. I love this idea! My favorite is the Europe poster by United. Reminds me of the Swedish artist Gunilla Mann’s oil paintings.

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