Touring Costa Rica through the eyes of others

I was in Costa Rica a couple months back as the guest of Exodus Travels, a tour company based out of the U.K., to take a two-week bicycling tour of that Central American country. As fate would end up having it, the biking portion of my tour concluded before lunch on the first day.

More on that in an upcoming post this week.

Although I wasn’t really able to take my camera out much…. well frankly, not at all, as I didn’t take a single photo with my Nikon, I did want to take the opportunity to show you a few photos from the tour group I was a part of. I did take a few photos with my cell phone in San Jose before the tour started, but they really won’t show anything relevant to this tour, so I’ll stick with the photos that a few of my wonderful tour mates took.

Two of the people on the tour, my roommate and wonderfully crazy Scotsman named Gary and a soft spoken and kind gentleman from Northern California named Jim, were nice enough to share their photos from the tour with me and I’ve gone through them and picked a few out.

So this is a bit of the Exodus Travels Costa Rica bicycling tour… through the eyes and cameras of others.

feeding gator by hand
We took a boat trip one day on the tour. This guy was the boat guide. Strikes me as crazy, but he still had all his fingers.
costa rica frog
When I think of Costa Rican wildlife, this little thing is what I usually think of
bike tour group
the really wonderful people on my tour, including our incredible Exodus guide, Britten, down in the front
gary from exodus
My hilarious and fun roommate for my tour, Gary
paul fixing bike
Paul, the other guide on the trip, and the resident talented bike repair person
pretty pick flower
Some of the colors of Costa Rica
purple and red costa rica flowers
more of the colors of Costa Rica
shopkeeper with playboy calendar
Love this photo of a Costa Rican shopkeeper
kid cutting coconut
Getting some refreshement ready for the hard working bikers
costa rican animals
some of the animals of Costa Rica

My thanks to Exodus Travels who sponsored me for this tour. I wasn’t able to enjoy it as much as I wanted, but I am indebted to Exodus for how wonderfully they treated me after my accident. That being said, the opinions and thoughts on this post (though not the photos) are my own.

18 thoughts on “Touring Costa Rica through the eyes of others

    1. Absolutely. Really great, great group of people.

  1. It looks like such a fabulous trip. I don’t know if I would be fit enough to do this now but with a bit of training…

    1. I wasn’t fit enough to do this particular tour either. Though I would have liked to have made a longer effort at keeping up than I was able to!

  2. Wonderful photos! Costa Rica is such a photogenic country, and what a huge bummer about your injury. I’ve wanted to do a bike tour, but will definitely have to get my cycling fitness up…I’m assuming that walking your bike up a hill would be frowned upon…

    1. Yea, I wish I would have had a longer chance to check things out also. The central mountain area was so nice and I’d never seen that before. And I wasn’t able to join them on the Caribbean side also, which would have been great.

  3. I wouldn’t stand that close to a crocodile if my life depended on it, that is one brave man!

  4. Bummer about your accident. And very kind of your tour mates to share their photos. They are fantastic!

    I spent some time in Costa Rica back in 1997 on a study abroad program with my high school. I almost fear going back and seeing all that has changed in the last 16 years.

  5. Before I read this, when I thought of Costa Rica I also thought of the bright green tree frog. Thanks for an all new perspective!

  6. Cycling is about the only activity I didn’t do in Costa Rica. I can imagine it’s a great way to see more of the country.

  7. awesome pictures!! I’ve seen people on the cross country bike rides and I applaud you for doing it! I actually haven’t seen that many bright green frogs (more like giant toads) but I live on the beach, not the rainforest. Definitely seen tons of white faced monkeys and iguanas though!

  8. really all those shots are breath taking. . .
    really kud shots

  9. you know what..just simply looking at the already made me intrigue about Costa rica..i might hit the place any time this year..awesome!

  10. Never thought of myself as “soft spoken” nor has anyone else who’s known me for very long. Paul and Britten were still the high point of that trip. I’d say that those pictures were way awesome but I’m just too humble. Jim.

    1. Jim, everyone was more soft spoken on that trip, compared to me! Thanks again so much for the photos. And for the great company as I was recovering.

  11. Bike touring through Costa Rica looks like fun! I’m in country now and going to buy a bike and do this too!

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