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The West Coast of the United States is a region that’s ideal for a good road trip. There are so many wonderful roads along the coast, and there’s a fantastic range of places to visit, too. Whether you want to enjoy sensational views, vibrant cities, or relax in some of the great hotels, there is a little something for everyone along the West Coast. Here are a few places to include on your itinerary for the perfect West Coast road trip.

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Big Sur is one of the most sensational areas of the country to drive through, and the highway around Big Sur is also delightfully scenic. There are plenty of spots where you can relax on a nice beach, and there are also several state parks if you want to break up the drive with a hike.

Los Angeles

Nicknamed the City of Angels and known simply as LA, this big city is an exciting place for luxurious hotels. It’s known for Universal Studios, Venice Beach, and, if you’re a sports fan, Dodger Stadium. Don’t miss the big Hollywood sign during your stay in LA!

San Diego

This city is located on the Pacific Coast in Southern California, and it’s easily accessible after your trip to LA. San Diego is a fascinating place to visit, thanks to its thriving cultural scene. Known for its year-round mild climate and excellent beaches, this city makes for a great hub for tourists from all over. While staying in one of San Diego’s hotels, why not try your hand at surfing at Black’s Beach?


Not to be confused with its namesake, Portland, Maine, this spectacular part of Oregon is one of the most beautiful and quirky areas to enjoy along the West Coast. You’ve probably heard the slogan, “Stay weird, Portland,” and now is your chance to join the fun! After choosing among the top hotels in Portland, be sure to join in the environmentally friendly atmosphere by riding bikes, walking, and enjoying farm-to-table dining.


Surrounded by the water of Puget Sound on one side and Lake Washington on the other, Seattle is a city set in a spectacular location. The mountains are just a short distance away and make for a stunning backdrop. The Space Needle is the most famous landmark in the city, and it’s worth the trip for the superb views. Those who love museums will find plenty to do in this busy city in the Pacific Northwest.


Phoenix is a photographer’s dream. Whether it’s cacti, the sunset at Papago Park, or the city skyline at night, Phoenix has a lot to offer. The city is particularly busy during the summer and fall, but with the beautiful scenery and the amazing range of activities and hotels, it’s no surprise that people flock to this city year round. Adventurers can hike up Camelback Mountain or take in the view from South Mountain Park and Preserve. For a more tame day, check out the art museum or hunt for a cowboy hat souvenir in Old Town Scottsdale.


There are so many different attractions that you can visit on your West Coast road trip, and it’s a great destination if you’re looking for great driving and interesting stopping points. While these suggestions give you an idea of what you can enjoy, make sure to do your own research and create the itinerary that’s perfect for you.


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