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Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular and enduring religious festivals that is celebrated annually on 14 February, and although it has religious roots it is certainly one that has been embraced by commercial interests too. From cards and flowers through to romantic dates and dinners, there are plenty of activities that people will enjoy on this day. However, for the long-term traveller, Valentine’s Day offers a different challenge, whether you are in a long-distance relationship or whether you are single, and it is worth putting in a little planning to prepare for the day.

The Challenges Of Maintaining A Long-Distance Relationship


One of the biggest issues for those who are on a long-term solo trip is maintaining a relationship with a partner at home, and in this case it is certainly worth putting some plans in place for the day. You could consider buying them a romantic gift to be delivered to them at home. It is also worth sending a card to mark the occasion, and also putting some time aside for a good video chat to catch up with your partner and let them know that you are still thinking of them.


Arranging To Meet Your Partner At A Romantic Destination


For most solo travellers, one of the big priorities will be keeping to a budget, but if it is possible and your partner is up for it, then having them meet you at one of the locations you will be traveling through can be a wonderful way to cement the relationship. For this purpose, if you are likely to be in the vicinity of a particularly romantic or dramatic destination such as Rome or Paris, then arranging to meet your partner there for a few days can be a wonderful experience for you both.

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Giving Your Partner A Token Of Your Affection


Another way of helping to keep a relationship special if you can’t arrange to meet your partner on your trip is to send them a gift showing your affection. There are plenty of different options that you could choose from, including these wonderful jewellery roses from Eternity Rose, while you can also think of flowers or another appropriate gift too.


How To Deal With Valentine’s Day If You Are Travelling Solo


Another of the challenges that comes with Valentine’s Day is if you are traveling solo and you aren’t in a relationship, as this can lead to Valentine’s Day making you feel like everyone else around you is in some kind of relationship. One of the key steps to avoid this feeling is to talk to the others who may be staying in dorms or hostels with you or friends that you have met while traveling, and seeing if you can arrange some kind of group activity that will help people forget the fact that it is Valentine’s Day. Going out for food on this day can see restaurants charging premium prices and groups discouraged, so make sure to get a good meal or takeaway together, and settle down for a movie or some games.

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