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Behind the shot – National Geographic Traveler cover photo contest 1

One of the better online photo communities out there is National Geographic’s Your Shot. It’s a unique site with 600,000+ members to whom editors assign biweekly photo projects covering topics like “The Pool” and “Bright Ideas in Action.” While it’s best to go out and shoot new material for the assignments, you can also participate by uploading something […]

Women in Jaipur

Vik, Iceland

Three things that make a great travel photograph 17

I’ve been photographing Iceland for the last few weeks, trying to extract every ounce of color and light from a typically grey, dark place in February. The weather absolutely did not cooperate: winds blew so hard I could barely stand at times, with gale warnings regularly in effect and gusts to 25m/sec (55mph). […]

Tips and advice for better landscape photos 20

Great landscape pictures all have two big things in common: A scenic location Good light Sounds easy, but landscape photography is rife with challenges. You’ve got to find a scenic place to begin with. This can be hard when you’re traveling in a new place. You’ll have to find the good light. This takes planning and a bit of […]

Your Best Landscape Photos

Finding Beauty

Finding Beauty 23

The more beautiful the scene, the better your picture. I always look for beauty when I travel. Finding beautiful scenes to photograph is no different from seeking out a nice restaurant in hopes of a good meal, or looking for a good museum in search of some history and culture. […]