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The importance of following your dreams: Introducing Gallop Around The Globe

Please welcome Kiara from Gallop Around the Globe, the newest contributing writer here at Go See Write! My love of travel and adventure started at a very young age. I was an inquisitive child with a vivid imagination, who soon learned that she could harness these qualities in order to transform her back garden into a world of […]

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7 biggest surprises about Israel

When you think of Israel, one of the first few things to come to mind is probably religious. Hosting holy grounds for many religions (including important sites for Jews, Muslims, Christians, and also Baha’is), Israel is a major pilgrimage and worship destination. Maybe when you think of Israel, you think of politics. Israel is also […]

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5 Life lessons from 5 adventures – Introducing Lavi Was Here

Go See Write is excited to introduce our newest contributing writer, Lavi Nair from Lavi was here! Travel has always been a part of my life. I traveled with my parents as a kid; we went to India and visited some parts of the U.S and Europe. Then I grew up, and life began revolving around […]

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My quarter life epiphany

Please welcome Stephanie from Quarter Life Epiphany, the newest contributing writer here at Go See Write! At 24 years old, I had a great life. I did all the “right” things; I was on track for achieving the American Dream. I had a college degree, a nice office job, a new Jeep, and my own apartment. […]

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Where to do yoga in Thailand

Yoga in Thailand with Thailand Yoga Holidays

If the latest fitness-friendly Instagram selfie craze is anything to go by, jaunting around the world to deepen your yoga practice is more popular than ever – and Thailand serves as a perfect place to do your downward dogs while staying in some gorgeous spots. You can attend classes, studios and retreats across the country, […]

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Is Christ the Redeemer on your bucket list?

Maybe it should be. The most iconic monument of Brazil (and, some argue, South America), Christ the Redeemer is an […]


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