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5 Great Cities You Have To Visit In Germany

Germany is the economic heart of Europe, but besides its busy economy, there is also a great range of historic and architectural attractions to draw people to the country. Getting around Germany is made easy with its superb transport infrastructure, and its cities have a great transportation network too. Planning your trip to Germany is […]

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Exploring Culture Through Street Food in Mexico City

Being a vegetarian and enjoying street food aren’t mutually exclusive attributes – despite what most people might assume. Of course, in some destinations eating street as a veggie isn’t as easy as others. But you might be surprised by what a bit of local language knowledge, a touch of patience, and a big dose of […]

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The Non-Partiers Guide to Ibiza

You’ve probably heard of Ibiza as the party capital of the world. It’s a title that’s well deserved! My trip to Ibiza came about because I drank way too many mimosas and booked a cheap flight. To be honest, the all-day drunken techno parties with everyone trying to show off how tiny their swimsuits are […]

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Making Friends While Traveling – How I Hosted a Party in Berlin

Showing up in a new city can be intimidating. You don’t know how to use the public transportation, you don’t speak the same language, and you likely don’t have a large group of friends to hang out with. When I arrived in Berlin for a long overdue visit with my friend, I fell in love […]

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Hipmunk Hotels Northeast: Exploring Lancaster, Roanoke, Bar Harbor and Beyond

This post was originally published on The Next Big Adventure on March 29, 2016 by Rhonda Delameter. The Northeast of the United States is a perfectly location to delve deep into the history that built this country, all while experiencing the conveniences of modern life. Step back into history and explore this country’s deep roots, […]

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9 Things to do in Antigua, Guatemala

9 Things to do in Antigua, Guatemala

Ask me my favorite place in Guatemala. Go ahead; just ask. It’s Antigua! I spent a week in Antigua and […]


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