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The Pinterest Numbers Game: the Money-Side of Things

people making money off pinterest

Last week I stepped you through how the sign-up process for Pinterest skews its numbers dramatically. A follow-up on this topic, drilling down into some of the details was promised. Here you go. Senseless Formula, Skewed Numbers Since Pinterest went public in August, they have been involuntarily signing every new subscriber up to 40-60 boards […]

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Major Flaws in Pinterest: the Big Numbers Story

pinterest initial news feed

I haven’t blogged about blogging or social media in quite a long time — and I apologize to my readers that aren’t interested in this non-travel post, but I think it’s too important to ignore. There is something quite foul afoot at one of the biggest social media platforms out there today and it needs […]

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TBEX 2011 Review (Part One): In Need of Some Professionalism and Basic Organization

Yesterday, I was getting a post-TBEX bite to eat with some of my favorite travel bloggers, Ayngelina of Bacon is Magic, Jenny of Where is Jenny, Gareth of Tourist2Townie and Dylan of The Travelling Editor. We walked up to the street food cart and the guy working there asked, “are you guys travel bloggers here […]

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My Favorite Spam Comments (Part II)

Part One of my attempt to troll through my spam box for some funny and ill-timed comments seemed to be met with some modicum of approval and there was a recent discussion on the Travel Bloggers Group on Facebook where some folks asked for more, so here goes Part Two in that effort. You might […]

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Basic, beginner travel blogging tips and advice

This post is not geared to my many friends that have been out there blogging for years — frankly, most of ya’ll know a vast amount more about the blogging, internet, SEO and tech world than I do.  But recently, I have been asked by a good number of very new travel bloggers some basic […]

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Riverside adventures in Rio Dulce

Riverside adventures in Rio Dulce

The bus ride was long and bumpy to Rio Dulce. Slightly off the normal “Gringo Trail” in Guatemala, I heard […]


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