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6 Best day trips from Madrid


Without a doubt, there are many fun and exciting things to do in Madrid, Spain’s capital city and the last place I called “home”, but every now and then, it’s nice to take a break from the city life and explore more of the Spanish countryside and smaller pueblos. The area surrounding Madrid is flat, […]

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Why Dark Tourism Is Important

My first experience with dark tourism happened on a party bus tour around Europe, of all things. Our schedules were planned out for us, there was drinking and little sleep involved, and plenty of fun times to be had. But there was also a shifting point on that trip. There was one day that stood […]

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The Charming Bolivian Capital Of Sucre

Many people (myself included, before I started to research an itinerary for my South America trip) assume that La Paz is the capital of Bolivia. It is after all the largest Bolivian city and the largest centre in the country for commerce, finance and industry. It’s also where the government seat is held. However Bolivia’s official […]

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5 great reasons to visit the Philippines

Earlier this year I was introduced to the Philippines for the very first time. Now totally smitten with these islands and their people, here are my five top reasons why you should push the Philippines right to the top of your travel list. #1 – The people Filipinos have to be some of the most […]

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Highlights of Bulgaria

Most tourists think of the Black Sea when they think of a holiday in Bulgaria. The Black Sea is indeed great for a beach holiday, but there is over-development in some parts, and it it almost feels like it is about to become the ‘Benidorm’ of Bulgaria! I recently spent 2 weeks in Bulgaria, and […]

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Cambodian Cities OTHER Than Siem Reap

When heading to Cambodia, almost everyone makes a first stop in Siem Reap. And it makes sense. Home to the […]


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