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5 Things You May Not Know About Maui

Kaupo Maui

One of those places Maui is one of those places that you immediately fall in love with; a place where the people are as warm as the climate and its myths as colorful as the Greek. Here are five things you may not have know about Maui :   1. The demi god The beautiful […]

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12 things to do in San Francisco

San Francisco, California

I grew up next to San Francisco in a little beachside town called Santa Cruz. I grew up knowing it as the city of love, beatniks, and flower power from my parent’s generation, labels that can still be seen in the unique art and counter-culture of the city today. It was the place for the […]

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Exploring the Gringo Trail in Guatemala

Semuc Champey

The “Gringo Trail” might be the beaten path that most backpackers take while traveling through Central America, but it’s still too good to miss, especially in Guatemala. I spent one month exploring as much of Guatemala as I could and I still wish I had time to see more. The nature in Guatemala is incredible and […]

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Three months in Peru: My top seven highlights

In 2014 my boyfriend and I took a career break to travel through South America independently.  We flew to Peru from the UK and subsequently spent a whole three months (two of those illegally, but that’s another story!) exploring the country’s diverse and beautiful landscapes, enjoying its delicious array of culinary options, and experiencing the vibrance and […]

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Five Reasons to Relax in Byron Bay

After arriving in Brisbane to begin my four months in Australia, my friend Elizabeth and I decided to make Byron Bay our first destination. We loved it so much that when our trip was coming to an end, we returned to Byron Bay one last time. Byron Bay is the kind of place where you […]

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I Went To Australia With No Money: My Working Holiday

Thanks to having a wild need to make my dreams come true, a serious problem with impulse control, and a […]


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