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to Khartoum, Sudan from Gondar, Ethiopia

Sudan was the first fully Islamic state I have visited – Sharia law is in effect there.  It was also the first police state I’ve been to.  You have no doubt read about the problems there – foremost of those the situation in Darfur, but also the independence movement in South Sudan, which might […]

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Feeding Wild Hyenas in Harar, Ethiopia

OK, so the basic gist of this is that there is a small group of locals in Harar, Ethiopia that feed these wild hyenas every night, just outside the walls of the old town. Legend has it that practice began in the 19th century, during a famine. The locals feed the hyenas to appease the […]

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Mariachi, Markets, and More in Xochimilco

When Xochimilco was first suggested as a day trip from my new home in Mexico City, I definitely wasn’t convinced. […]


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