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5 essential tips for surviving the Everest Base Camp trek

When I set out to tackle the Everest Base Camp trek in February 2013, I knew it would be challenging. To be certain, hiking 125km and ascending 2500m is no walk in the park. But what I didn’t know beforehand was that other aspects of the trek, rather than the trekking itself, would prove more […]

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How to see The Bund in Shanghai

Cina Giorno Otto - Shanghai The Bund

Shanghai’s iconic skyline has changed massively in the last 20 years, but its waterfront promenade, better known as The Bund, has become one of the must-visits any traveler visiting Shanghai, China, should stop by to see, even when shrouded in Shanghai’s perpetual haze. Here’s a little primer on what you can do when visiting The […]

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5 spectacular things to do in Sabah, Borneo

Sabah sunset

The very word Borneo conjures up images of lush forests, remote outposts and wildlife as it still exists in few places on earth. Rapid development threatens an environment which is both diverse and fragile as well as a traditional way of life fighting hard for survival. The Malaysian province of Sabah, known as the ‘Land […]

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Dispelling the Patong Beach myth

After I discovered that I was comfortable traveling around Thailand alone, I decided to extend my trip by three weeks and visit the southern part of the country. I booked a flight with the affordable Nok Air from Bangkok to Phuket, and began my online search for an accommodation. I wasn’t sure if I should […]

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Great river cruises of the world

The Aria by Aqua Expeditions

I always thought I hated cruising – until I went on a cruise. I fell in love with the simple joy of watching dolphins play in the boat wake from our balcony, the camaraderie with our fellow passengers, and the convenience of visiting a variety of destinations while only cracking open a suitcase once. Recently, […]

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Adventure travel gear you actually can’t live without

December is a good time for a gear post, because this is the month when we all buy each other […]


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