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Hunting heritage and art in the streets of Penang

Penang Street Art - Hokkien

Named as Lonely Planet’s top culinary destination for 2014, my recent trip to Penang, Malaysia was definitely dominated by food, eating, and a lot more food. It seriously felt like I spent that entire weekend trip just going from meal to meal! While I enjoyed the great hawker food immensely, what surprised me as I [...]

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5 best ways to get off the beaten path in Cambodia

Cambodia is more than just Angkor Wat and the Killing Fields. Yet, when most travelers plan their trips to Southeast Asia, Cambodia is either skipped completely or reduced to a sunrise over the five pine-cone-shaped spires of Angkor Wat and “A day of death,” the crass lingo multiple tourists have used to describe their itineraries [...]

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9 noteworthy markets in Chiang Mai

With its charming Old City, lush surrounding jungles and plenty of delicious food, Chiang Mai is firmly placed on the tourist trail in Thailand. The town is filled with guesthouses and is a common base for trekking, various courses or certifications, and motorbike trips through the north. That said, while it certainly has its fair [...]

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Thorong La Pass: Even the donkeys are out of breath

Donkeys Out of Breath

For the last two weeks we’ve been hiking through Nepal’s Himalayas, and today’s the day we plan to finally cross Thorong La Pass. At 5416 meters (17,769 feet) the pass is the highest and arguably the most difficult portion of the Annapurna Circuit. The air is thin and each step is labored. So much of [...]

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3 alternative spots for shopping during Bangkok shutdown

Bangkok Shopping Talad Rot Fai

This post would have been written from a hotel in Bangkok, but unfortunately it was completed back home in Sunny Singapore instead. I was supposed to head up with some friends to Bangkok over the weekend of 18-20 Jan for a quick shopping and food – but the Bangkok Shutdown protests had restarted with new [...]

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8 reasons to visit magical tanzania

A couple of days ago, I was thinking about why I decided to go to Africa in the first place. [...]


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