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Why dark tourism is important

My first experience with dark tourism happened on a party bus tour around Europe, of all things. Our schedules were planned out for us, there was drinking and little sleep involved, and plenty of fun times to be had. But there was also a shifting point on that trip. There was one day that stood […]

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5 ways to get off the tourist trail in Southeast Asia


I’ve recently had several people tell me, when talking about their upcoming trips to Southeast Asia, that they’re sure Thailand is nice, but they won’t be visiting because it’s too touristy. While there’s no denying Thailand is an incredibly popular tourist destination – Bangkok was the second most-visited city in the world in 2014 – […]

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5 festivals in Southeast Asia worth traveling for

Loi Krathong in Chiang Mai

Southeast Asia is a place filled with color, spirituality, tradition and celebration. Everywhere you turn you’ll come across bright decorations, daily rituals and plenty of excuses to party. While festivals of all shapes and sizes are held in different places throughout the year, the five celebrations below are some of the most prominent and certainly […]

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Great river cruises of the world

The Aria by Aqua Expeditions

I always thought I hated cruising – until I went on a cruise. I fell in love with the simple joy of watching dolphins play in the boat wake from our balcony, the camaraderie with our fellow passengers, and the convenience of visiting a variety of destinations while only cracking open a suitcase once. Recently, […]

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5 best ways to get off the beaten path in Cambodia

Cambodia is more than just Angkor Wat and the Killing Fields. Yet, when most travelers plan their trips to Southeast Asia, Cambodia is either skipped completely or reduced to a sunrise over the five pine-cone-shaped spires of Angkor Wat and “A day of death,” the crass lingo multiple tourists have used to describe their itineraries […]

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Exploring Culture Through Street Food in Mexico City

Being a vegetarian and enjoying street food aren’t mutually exclusive attributes – despite what most people might assume. Of course, […]


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