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Brief Stop in Bejing on #UTC11: Great Wall

graffiti on great wall of china

  This time through China, I was in an even bigger rush than I was during my RTW trip back in 2009-10. Then, I managed to stay in Beijing, a city I surprisingly like, for almost a full week. This time, since we were in a bit of a rush to get to Saigon to [...]

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Little Oddities in China on #UTC11

no occupying while stabling sign on china train

  One of the things that I love about China is the slightly off English that you see in signs and hear from people. “Clinglish” or “Changlish” or whatever one calls it (similar to Spanglish, which was supposedly an actually good Adam Sandler movie, though I’ll never know), China was one of the last stops [...]

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5 fun markets in London

For years, my dad and I have been taking two-day trips to London. It’s become a┬ásort of a tradition and [...]


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