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6 Best day trips from Madrid


Without a doubt, there are many fun and exciting things to do in Madrid, Spain’s capital city and the last place I called “home”, but every now and then, it’s nice to take a break from the city life and explore more of the Spanish countryside and smaller pueblos. The area surrounding Madrid is flat, […]

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Highlights of Bulgaria

Most tourists think of the Black Sea when they think of a holiday in Bulgaria. The Black Sea is indeed great for a beach holiday, but there is over-development in some parts, and it it almost feels like it is about to become the ‘Benidorm’ of Bulgaria! I recently spent 2 weeks in Bulgaria, and […]

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Top tips for favorite free picks in Rome

Vatican Museum

Among budget travelers, Europe has a feared reputation for being prohibitively expensive. On my first visit to the continent – Rome, Italy – I was concerned about how the notoriously high prices would affect my “value travel” budget, and hoped it wouldn’t put a damper on my experience. Wow, was I ever worried for NOTHING. […]

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How to spend a weekend in San Sebastián

Playa de la Concha, San Sebastián

Visiting Spain’s Basque region kind of makes you forget you’re still in Spain. It has its own language and a long history of wanting to be independent from its mother country. Lucky for Spain, San Sebastián is one of the most popular and beautiful destinations on the country’s north coast, with loads of visitors flocking to its […]

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The little-known Greek island of Paxos

I first visited Paxos on a day-trip from Corfu when I was just 16. I never imagined that, years later, I would return to the island on three separate occasions to spend a total amount of six weeks exploring its beautiful landscapes and the lives of the people who inhabit it. Located just 11 kilometres […]

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Cambodian Cities OTHER Than Siem Reap

When heading to Cambodia, almost everyone makes a first stop in Siem Reap. And it makes sense. Home to the […]


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