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The Non-Partiers Guide to Ibiza

You’ve probably heard of Ibiza as the party capital of the world. It’s a title that’s well deserved! My trip to Ibiza came about because I drank way too many mimosas and booked a cheap flight. To be honest, the all-day drunken techno parties with everyone trying to show off how tiny their swimsuits are […]

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A Guide to Brussels for your Short-Term Stay

  After sobbing my way through the Berlin airport because I didn’t want to leave, I reluctantly showed up in Brussels with a predetermined notion that I wasn’t going to have any fun at all. Thankfully, I was wrong. Below is my short-term stay guide to Brussels which includes eating, drinking, and a little boy […]

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French foods we love

French food

Romance and culinary skills The French are known for romance and amazing culinary skills. There is not one aspect of the culinary world or food that the French are not involved in except maybe sushi. France and the French have long been leaders of food culture and cuisine, offering travelers a lifetime of dining opportunities. […]

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Castlerigg Stone Circle – How I stumbled into history

I had never seen a stone circle before visiting Castlerigg and, oh my, was it ever a good one to start with! Photo via Flikr by Andi Campbell-Jones The location of Castlerigg is one of the reasons this stone circle attracts so many visitors. Situated near Keswick in Cumbria, North West England, Castlerigg stone circle […]

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15 Hours in Paris

Paris is known as the city of romance. It’s where couples go to smooch by the Eiffel Tower or walk hand in hand over lover’s bridge. It’s the place to be with your significant other or as an independent solo traveler who don’t need no (wo)man. It’s lust. It’s love. It’s freedom. It’s Paris.   […]

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Generation Gap: What Your Age Says About How You Travel

This post was originally published on Hipmunk’s Tailwind blog on March 9th, 2016 by The Hipmunk. For the third year […]


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