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Exploring the Sun Gardens, Dubrovnik

In the south of Croatia facing on to the Adriatic Ocean, Dubrovnik is a city with a long history, and the view of the fortified walls as you approach the city shows that it has been an important location of power in the area for a long time. There is an awful lot to see […]

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Top 5 things to do on Hvar Island in Croatia

Hvar is a Croatian island located 29 miles south of the coastal city of Split, Croatia. Hvar is known for lush greenery dotting the sides of its many hills and a rugged coastline that is home to some of Croatia’s most scenic beaches. Hvar Town on the island’s south coast is where most people spend […]

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10 Game of Thrones locations you should visit in real life

I put off watching Game of Thrones for as long as I possibly could. My brother and his wife are such big fans that they had a Game of Thrones themed wedding, and even called their daughter Arya, so it was inevitable that I’d end up watching it someday. The reason I put it off […]

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Zagreb, Croatia — Unexpectedly Cool City

Tesla statue zagreb croatia

During my summer in Europe last year, I spent about two weeks in Zagreb on three different occasions. I was holed up in Croatia for about a month, because I was wanting on a passport expediting service back in the States to get my Russian, Chinese and Vietnamese visa. Expedited in this sense is a […]

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An Emotional, Thoughtful, Funny, Bitter, Poignant, Moving, Incredible Museum Experience

man's belt from museum of broken relationships zagreb croatia

Man’s belt Aug 2003 – May 2006, San Francisco, California, USA The man of my dreams didn’t even exist in my dreams until I met him. Our physical passion ruled the relationship; he was a unique and spectacular lover. This item may not be very exciting, but the circumstances by which it came to my possession… […]

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The best hikes in Rio de Janeiro

View from Morro do Leme

While Rio de Janeiro has an amazing coastline, the city offers so much more than just beachside relaxation and caipirinha […]


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