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Exploring the Sun Gardens, Dubrovnik

In the south of Croatia facing on to the Adriatic Ocean, Dubrovnik is a city with a long history, and the view of the fortified walls as you approach the city shows that it has been an important location of power in the area for a long time. There is an awful lot to see […]

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Top 5 things to do on Hvar Island in Croatia

Hvar is a Croatian island located 29 miles south of the coastal city of Split, Croatia. Hvar is known for lush greenery dotting the sides of its many hills and a rugged coastline that is home to some of Croatia’s most scenic beaches. Hvar Town on the island’s south coast is where most people spend […]

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10 Game of Thrones locations you should visit in real life

I put off watching Game of Thrones for as long as I possibly could. My brother and his wife are such big fans that they had a Game of Thrones themed wedding, and even called their daughter Arya, so it was inevitable that I’d end up watching it someday. The reason I put it off […]

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Zagreb, Croatia — Unexpectedly Cool City

Tesla statue zagreb croatia

During my summer in Europe last year, I spent about two weeks in Zagreb on three different occasions. I was holed up in Croatia for about a month, because I was wanting on a passport expediting service back in the States to get my Russian, Chinese and Vietnamese visa. Expedited in this sense is a […]

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An Emotional, Thoughtful, Funny, Bitter, Poignant, Moving, Incredible Museum Experience

man's belt from museum of broken relationships zagreb croatia

Man’s belt Aug 2003 – May 2006, San Francisco, California, USA The man of my dreams didn’t even exist in my dreams until I met him. Our physical passion ruled the relationship; he was a unique and spectacular lover. This item may not be very exciting, but the circumstances by which it came to my possession… […]

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9 Things to do in Antigua, Guatemala

9 Things to do in Antigua, Guatemala

Ask me my favorite place in Guatemala. Go ahead; just ask. It’s Antigua! I spent a week in Antigua and […]


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