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Road tripping through France

Road Tripping Through France

There’s something to be said about heading out on the open highway, the wind blowing through the windows, the freedom to stop wherever you want, whenever you want. One of the most memorable road trips we’ve done was from Paris to Avignon. Stopping in five towns, eating delicious food and seeing beautiful sights along the way. […]

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Our Favorite European Bridges

Bridges seem to be the focus of many tourist pictures. They attract the camera lens as much as doors and waterfalls. Europe has some of the most beautiful bridges in the world and far too many of them to enumerate here but we thought we’d share some of our favorites. The Chain Bridge, Budapest, Hungary […]

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10 of our Favorite Buildings in Europe

quai branly museum

Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to visit many beautiful buildings and photograph some spectacular architecture. We’ve put together a list of ten of our favorite buildings in Europe although we love many more. Castle Stalker, Appin, Argyll, Scotland You might recognize Castle Stalker from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The best vantage […]

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5 unique things to do in the French Pyrenees

In my many trips to southwestern France, the Pyrenees have always been a highlight, standing out distinctly in my memory above many other places and experiences. Whenever my host family asks what I’d like to do, my answer is always the same. “The mountains!” I reply. The Pyrenees Mountains to be more specific. Gorgeous views […]

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Nice, France is a Pretty Nice Kinda Place

reasons to visit nice france

France is a place that I slightly have a hate/love relationship with. I do really enjoy parts of France and the scenery can be some of the most spectacular in the entire world. The French people on the other hand…. Let’s just say that old line about France — “France is such a wonderful country […]

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Seeing stars in San Pedro de Atacama

  I had a month without travel plans, and upon learning that one of my best friends and fellow travel […]


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