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Seeing Berlin and Enjoying My Stay At Meininger

reasons to go to berlin

Berlin is one of my favorite cities in the world. For one thing, its cheap. Well, its cheap on European prices at least. I have spent most of the year so far (and will spend most of the rest of this year) in Europe and as much as I truly love this continent, it can [...]

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Bette, Freddy, Madonna, Louie, Joe… a Show of a Lifetime

mike hodson with jake elwood blues brother berlin impersonator show

An celebrity impersonation show combines nostalgia, campiness and hilarity. They are a fun sing-along and also a gentle laugh-at, all for the price of one ticket. I am not sure I’ve ever been to a impersonation show. Wait, I take that back. I do remember stumbling into a transvestite drag show years ago in Key [...]

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Tempelhof Airport and Unexpected Emotion

michael hodson at berlin templehof airport

I would have never thought that a visit to the Berlin Music Festival would be one of the more emotional experiences I have had in quite a long time, but as I came through the terminal entrance of the Berlin Tempelhof Airport, on my way to the runway side of the building, I started choking [...]

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The Oddity of German Kitchens

This is a guest post by my good friend David Roberts, who was a lawyer in Fayetteville, Arkansas when I met him and later moved to Germany with his wife for about four years, where he added two kids to his growing family. I asked him to write about the oddity of German kitchens. —————————————- [...]

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Berlin Guide with added pictures

Just in time (almost) for the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Wall, here are some quick notes on a self-guided walking tour of Berlin. A city with almost too much to see, Berlin is to easy get around via subway and by walking. It is well worth at least three or four days [...]

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Love to Ski? For Free? Read on (and enter)

If you enjoy spending some time on the slopes, or have considered taking up skiing or snowboarding, then I think [...]


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