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The best of Genoa, Italy

Squeezed in between Monaco and Tuscany, the Liguria region of Italy is the thinest and the smallest of all the regions of Italy. And it is also the region that I am in love with. The Best Way to Get There The main airport in Liguria is in Genoa, which is a great city to visit [...]

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Lardo di Colonnata: an Italian delicacy

italy, colonnata, carrara

In this day and age of healthy eating and weight watching, the last thing most of us would think of ingesting is lard. But there is a small Italian town in the Apuan Alps where lard is revered. Colonnata is a hamlet or “frazione” of Carrara, established in 40 BC. Its name comes from the [...]

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Tips for Enjoying Italy

It’s always a good idea to research local etiquette before heading to a destination.  It’s a great way to avoid embarrassing situations and possibly insulting your hosts.  With 2013’s Travel Blogger Destination Italy just over a month away, we thought we’d share a few things we’ve learned on our travels through Italy. Ordering coffee Ordering [...]

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What do you want in a luxury hotel?

While I was in Bolzano a few months I stayed at the Hotel Laurin, a traditional luxury hotel in the region and an absolutely wonderful place to stay. I loved the place for many reasons, but as I sat in the smoking room one night with a cigar in one hand and glass of local red [...]

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Living Like Bond, James Bond

summertime at hotel adler ortisei in south tyrol

The variety of my lodgings in the last few years has varied from the worst hotel in the world to one of the nicest near the Dead Sea. I like to think that I can handle about anything the world throws at me, at least in the travel realm. But given the choice, I’m perfectly happy [...]

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Love to Ski? For Free? Read on (and enter)

If you enjoy spending some time on the slopes, or have considered taking up skiing or snowboarding, then I think [...]


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