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Snapshot view, the tiles of Lisbon

tile work in lisbon portugal on buildings

Walking around the hills of the capital of Lisbon, you’d be blind not to notice the hundreds upon hundreds of buildings that are encased with tiles. It’s one of the things that makes this part of the world unique from elsewhere. The tile work has a history that dates back to the long-history of Moorish […]

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Exploring Lisbon

tiled walls in lisbon portugal

Lisbon is a city that I have only been to once before. It was the launching point for last year’s Ultimate Train Challenge and you may recall that day one on that challenge started…. poorly. When one titles a post “Day 1 of the Ultimate Train Challenge: Total, complete, miserable, abject failure,” it doesn’t take […]

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Day 1 of the Ultimate Train Challenge: Total, complete, miserable, abject failure (#utc11)

Rossio Patio Hostel common room Lisbon Portugal

During the month of September, as I hope most of you that follow along with this website know, I will be joining Jeannie the Nomadic Chick and Nora the Professional Hobo on the Ultimate Train Challenge. One month. Lisbon, Portugal to Saigon, Vietnam. All by trains, mostly by and Real Russia, U.K. Should be […]

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Generation Gap: What Your Age Says About How You Travel

This post was originally published on Hipmunk’s Tailwind blog on March 9th, 2016 by The Hipmunk. For the third year […]


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