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5 things to do in Madrid: on and off the beaten path

Madrid is highly underrated. When most people visit Spain, they think of the whitewashed buildings with blue shutters and flower pots you can find in Granada, or the bustling La Rambla and beaches of Barcelona. Located smack-dab in the middle of the country, people tend to think Madrid isn’t anything special and isn’t worth making […]

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My home away from home — Girona and Costa Brava

I’d have to go back and actually count up the number of posts, but I think there is a fair chance that the place I have written about the most in the last few years has been the Costa Brava region of Spain. This has become a bit of a second home for me and […]

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In Girona, Spain with Girorooms

girorooms apartments in girona spain

Those of you that follow my travels fairly closely know that the Costa Brava region in Spain is a place for which I hold a special affinity. I feel very comfortable there, even though I don’t speak any Catalan and my Spanish isn’t much better. It is a place I have been back to over and […]

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Street art with meaning

Graffiti and I have a true love/hate relationship. Although I love Italy dearly, each and every time I go back, I am aghast at the amount of graffiti painted onto architectural masterpieces. I can’t imagine what sort of person would scrawl their name on the side of the Duomo. On the other hand, I have […]

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A quick guide to tapas

tapas in costa brava spain

If you are headed to Spain, get your taste buds ready to enjoy one of the great culinary treats in the world, tapas (also called pinchos in some parts of far northern Spain). Tapas are bite-sized food portions, not only served in restaurants, but also in almost every bar and pub in the country from […]

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Beyond Istanbul: There’s more to Turkey than its largest city

Often times, people don’t venture beyond visiting the largest city of a country. In the case of Turkey, this would […]


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