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5 destinations to see in the Middle East now

5 destinations to see now in the Middle East

There have always been a lot of misconceptions around the Middle East, especially in the Western World and especially with so much talk of ISIS and terrorist bombings in the news every day. One piece of advice to remember as a traveler is that you should never write off a whole country, let alone region, […]

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7 of the World’s Most Picturesque Desert Landscapes

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

My eyes grew so wide with childlike wonder the first time I saw a desert in real life. Deserts are the one type of landscape that always amazes me. I initially thought they were only found in places like Africa or Asia. As I’ve been traversing the globe, I’ve visited a few remarkable deserts that are all […]

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Visiting the Baha’i Gardens in Haifa

Exquisitely manicured Baha'i Gardens

While most famous for its religious significance to Muslims, Christians, and Jews, Israel is also home to the most important spiritual sites for another less well-known religion – Baha’i. The foundations of the Baha’i religion support the validity and truth of all other major world religions, and suggests that a monotheistic God has been gradually […]

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Beyond Istanbul: There’s more to Turkey than its largest city

Often times, people don’t venture beyond visiting the largest city of a country. In the case of Turkey, this would be a devastating mistake to make. With both Asian and European influence, Turkey is climbing the ranks as a popular destination for travelers and it’s no surprise why. But Turkey’s charm extends far beyond the […]

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7 biggest surprises about Israel

When you think of Israel, one of the first few things to come to mind is probably religious. Hosting holy grounds for many religions (including important sites for Jews, Muslims, Christians, and also Baha’is), Israel is a major pilgrimage and worship destination. Maybe when you think of Israel, you think of politics. Israel is also […]

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Mariachi, Markets, and More in Xochimilco

When Xochimilco was first suggested as a day trip from my new home in Mexico City, I definitely wasn’t convinced. […]


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