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Great river cruises of the world

The Aria by Aqua Expeditions

I always thought I hated cruising – until I went on a cruise. I fell in love with the simple joy of watching dolphins play in the boat wake from our balcony, the camaraderie with our fellow passengers, and the convenience of visiting a variety of destinations while only cracking open a suitcase once. Recently, […]

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Travel, Change, and Social Conscience — Why I Currently Wouldn’t be Traveling to Egypt

red cross red crescent logo

Interesting discussion lately on Twitter about a country that I truly love, Egypt, and am looking forward to visiting again and again. I had the chance to spend over a month in Dahab, one of my favorite beach towns in the world earlier this year on my second trip through and have loved a great […]

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The First Annual Dahab Festival

first annual dahab festival scuba diving competition

I was pretty lucky with my timing on my month-long respite in Dahab, in that I was here for the First Annual Dahab Festival.  Like most “firsts,” there were some organizational problems, but I think all-in-all it came off well and with a bit more practice, it is going to be a nice draw for […]

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Things to Do in Dahab, Egypt

I am writing this quick post from the wonderful little beach town of Dahab, Egypt on the Red Sea, following my 2011 travel plan so far. The question I got most often before my little jaunt over here to the Middle East from everyone back home was twofold, “why go the Middle East at all… […]

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Cairo Scam: Lesson Learned Again

Sometimes you have to relearn life lessons over and over before they stick with you. Yesterday, with my good friend David Roberts (who was nice enough to come join me for about a week on my trip), we both relearned one of the classics. Always, always ask how much something is before ordering/buying/getting in and […]

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Planning an Amazing Getaway in Beautiful Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a wonderful destination that has long been a friendly place for American visitors. The immense variety on […]


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