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More of the Wines of Lebanon

While I was in Lebanon during the spring, I had a chance to spend a few days in the Beqaa Valley, which holds the treasure of the ruins of Baalbek at its northern end, but holds its other treasure to the southern end, the wines of Lebanon. The wine culture in Lebanon goes back centuries. […]

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Baalbek, Lebanon: a Photo Journal

Baalbek, know as Heliopolis during the Roman period, was one of the most important cities in the region. During the reign of Augustus (1st century BCE), the three temples that make up the impressive complex were built to honor Jupiter, Venus, and Bacchus.

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Domaine des Tourelles: Lebanon does Wine?? Why yes it does – and quite well.

As a wine lover, I try to take every opportunity to try local wines anywhere I travel. I bicycled around some wine districts in New Zealand sampling some of their excellent wines. I partook in Chile and Argentina. I ran through Europe quickly… just to avoid getting bogged down for weeks drinking great wine, though […]

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The Phoenicia Hotel in Beirut, Lebanon — an Amazing Place

Before I headed to the Middle East, I tweeted that I was going during a few of the travel talk conversations I have there during the week. In typical Twitter-blogger fashion, someone replied immediately with an unsolicited offer of assistance. I’ve never met Charles Yap, otherwise known as @HotelPRGuy, but it is safe to say […]

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Arrival in Beirut, Lebanon

Rogers, Arkansas to Cincinnati to Paris to Beirut. It was my first time flying though multiple time zones in years, and so my first experience of jet lag in what seems like forever. It was a necessary evil. After my round-the-world (RTW) trip without leaving the ground, I’ve become quite a proponent of overland travel, […]

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9 Things to do in Antigua, Guatemala

9 Things to do in Antigua, Guatemala

Ask me my favorite place in Guatemala. Go ahead; just ask. It’s Antigua! I spent a week in Antigua and […]


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