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10 of the Most Interesting (and Weird) Attractions in Canada

Considering the size of Canada, it’s not too surprising that there are countless interesting and weird attractions found all over the country. Whether you’re looking for a quick road side stop or wanting to celebrate an annual festival, the provinces of Canada will not disappoint. Joe’s Scarecrow Village, Nova Scotia If you’re making your way […]

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National parks you have to visit in California

National parks you have to visit in California

I took a road trip through my home state of California around this time last year. I had spent two years abroad and I wanted to take my time traveling through the state and tackle some of the hidden gems I hadn’t seen previously. I spent 2 months traveling up the lengthy state, from San […]

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The best drinks in St. John’s, Newfoundland

If you’re at all familiar with the East Coast of Canada, then you might know about our pubs, late night fry trucks, and popular kitchen parties. If I had to choose a winning province on the East Coast as the best and most fun place to drink, it would be St. John’s, Newfoundland. After living […]

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Top free activities in Las Vegas

There are a lot of things to spend your hard earned money on in Vegas. A lot. If you’re looking for ways to blow your cash, you can order bottle service at one of the hottest clubs, tour around the city in a limo, go wild on tacky souvenirs (guilty), or keep telling yourself that […]

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Top Things To Do On Prince Edward Island During the Off Season

Prince Edward Island is the smallest province in Canada and is known as the “Birthplace of Confederation” because the capital city, Charlottetown, is where the idea of Canada was born. The Island history dates back thousands of years before that to the early Mi’kmaq settlement. Although small, PEI has a mighty tourism industry that draws […]

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9 Things to do in Antigua, Guatemala

9 Things to do in Antigua, Guatemala

Ask me my favorite place in Guatemala. Go ahead; just ask. It’s Antigua! I spent a week in Antigua and […]


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