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A weekend in Michigan wine country

Traverse City Vineyard Tour

When you hear the phrase “American wine country,” you probably think of Napa Valley. Maybe you think of California, in general, or the entirety of the west coast. But boutique vineyards are popping up in regions throughout the USA. And some are about as far from California (in distance, in climate, and in personality) as […]

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Top 5 things to do in San Francisco’s Richmond and Sunset Districts

For a city like San Francisco that has constantly been evolving in the past decades, it’s reassuring to have neighborhoods like the Richmond and the Sunset, where restaurants and cafes have been around for generations. Located at the far end of the city at the edge of the Pacific, these foggy, residential areas hold some […]

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A new perspective on the Big Apple

Loyalty points from travel rewards credit cards can be most valuable in high-cost destinations like New York City

New York is the city that people will know about, and the major sights such as the Statue of Liberty and Times Square are what everyone will see on their first trip to the city. One of the things that changes with the number of visits to the city is that you start to look […]

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Ray’s MTB in Cleveland – Indoor bicycle-themed amusement park? Heck yes!

Okay, I know, the title of this is probably getting some raised eyebrows. What, you are thinking, is a bicycle amusement park, much less an indoor one? And why Cleveland? How did this mysterious bicycle equivalent of Six Flags end up in Northern Ohio? I’ll start with the last question. Ohio is basically the kingdom […]

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Winter camping for weather wimps

Before I went to college in Vermont, I had some serious illusions about winter camping. I.e. I thought it was going to be fun. I thought it might become my “thing,” that I might get really into mountaineering and possibly even purchase my own set of crampons (!!!) and learn how to ice climb and […]

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The best hikes in Rio de Janeiro

View from Morro do Leme

While Rio de Janeiro has an amazing coastline, the city offers so much more than just beachside relaxation and caipirinha […]


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