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Winter camping for weather wimps

Before I went to college in Vermont, I had some serious illusions about winter camping. I.e. I thought it was going to be fun. I thought it might become my “thing,” that I might get really into mountaineering and possibly even purchase my own set of crampons (!!!) and learn how to ice climb and […]

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5 Things To See In Hollywood

Hollywood is an area that is at the heart of the movie culture in Los Angeles, and while it may not have as many production companies based in the district as there once were, it is still where many of the most important events and celebrations take place. The name is known around the world […]

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The road to Hana, more than just a drive

road to hana

When driving the road to Hana, you might think there wasn’t much more to do then stop here and there to look at waterfalls or do a hike (to a waterfall). That’s not the case, though — there’s much more to the road to Hana than epic waterfalls. Here are a few of our favourite things […]

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Another fall in Parksville-Qualicum Beach

moon snail

If you travel to Vancouver, you should try to plan a few extra days and head to Vancouver Island, too. An enjoyable hour and 40-minute ferry ride on BC Ferries from Horseshoe Bay will get you there. Afterwards, an easy drive up the Island Highway will take you to one of our favourite places in Canada, Parksville-Qualicum Beach. […]

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Fall in the New Mexican Rockies will blow your mind

I used to have a bit of an anti-desert bias. I grew up in Ohio and went to school in Vermont — both places with lots of trees, and well, lots and LOTS of water. I thought the desert would be boring and flat and dry. Then I moved to Taos, New Mexico and realized […]

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The top places to visit on Palawan

The island of Palawan is found to the west of the majority of the islands of the Philippines, and historically […]


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