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Montreal: eating at Les 400 Coups

les 400 coups

A city with a pulse My father (Nat) grew up in Montreal during the 1930s and ’40s. I can only imagine what it was like back then, during the Great Depression and the beginning of WWII. These days, Montreal is a city with a pulse; with nightlife and an art scene.  A food lover’s paradise [...]

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An oasis amidst the chaos: Chinese garden in Vancouver

It’s strange the things we take for granted when we live somewhere. The attitude that, “I can visit that place any time” but never actually do, is definitely not a rare one. I’m a bit embarrassed to say that we lived in Vancouver for 5 years and never entered the pay section of Dr. Sun [...]

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Fly Fishing Vancouver Island

fly fishing vancouver island

Spey Casting As the ferry pulled out of Horseshoe Bay in a thick shroud of fog I knew we were close to what I had been looking forward to for a year. Heading to Vancouver Island is always special for me because of its unique vibe, beautiful scenery and phenomenal fishing. The fresh ocean breezes [...]

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Things To Do In Parksville-Qualicum Beach

The off-season Where is Parksville-Qualicum Beach you ask? Parksville and Qualicum Beach are two communities on the East side of Vancouver Island in British Columbia.  Together they have a population of just over 20 000 but in the summertime that number grows exponentially when people from all over come to experience their wonderful beaches and [...]

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A winter’s day in Montreal – and pig’s foot

Winter in Montreal We had not been to Montreal in over a decade, which is why we decided to turn a day trip for a trade show into an overnight micro-vacation. We made reservations at a restaurant we had wanted to try since it opened in 2001.  The first thing Tim said when he found [...]

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Ten ways to travel green

Beach in Thailand

The more I travel this big beautiful world, the more I want to protect it. Thankfully, today eco-travel is a [...]


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