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5 Great Things to Do in Grenada

grenada map windward islands caribbean

I had the chance last fall to head to Grenada to spend a month or so with one of my good friends who works there. I scored a really great couple of sailboats to stay on there though my friend, including a 43 foot catamaran that I fell in love with and found plenty of […]

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Castara, Tobago: an undiscovered gem wrapped in awesomeness wrapped in paper cliché

map of tobago

There are some places that you just have to see to experience them in person. Tobago is one of those places. It is the far smaller of the two islands that make up the country of Trinidad and Tobago, but it is so much more than just an island – it is a state of […]

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My Boat in Grenada – Great Living Quarters

So, as I told ya’ll last week, I have been incredibly lucky and landed in a pretty great spot here in Grenada for a few weeks, on account of my travel buddy, Wiley. Thought a little update, with some photos might be in order. I have been on Grenada for over a week now. The […]

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5 destinations to see in the Middle East now

5 destinations to see now in the Middle East

There have always been a lot of misconceptions around the Middle East, especially in the Western World and especially with […]


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