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San Pedro de Atacama: A vacation from my vacation

It was love at first sight. Pure bliss. A vacation from my vacation. A new favorite in South America: San Pedro de Atacama. After taking several long bus rides throughout my three-week trip (up until San Pedro), including the 20 hour overnight bus it took to get there from Santiago, I arrived in Calama, Chile, in [...]

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5 ways South America has changed how I travel

South America is a complicated continent. Filled to the brim with mountains, markets, roast guinea pigs and shoddy internet connections, a lot of travelers find themselves a little overwhelmed when they first arrive. But after a year of traveling through South America, I don’t have any intention of leaving the continent just yet. How could [...]

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A three-week backpacker’s itinerary for Peru

Llama in Peru

When I arrived in Peru, I struggled to imagine how I would ever fit it all in. Peru is a country with amazing diversity, from lush lowland jungles to arid coastal deserts to the high mountain ranges of the Andes. Ten weeks later, as I crossed the border into Ecuador, though, I felt I had [...]

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The glory of the Peruvian Amazon

Similar to my post and video about the floating islands of Lake Titicaca, I didn’t get a chance to see the Amazon during my RTW trip in 2009, so when I got my schedule for my trip a few months ago with Cox & Kings, I was excited to get a chance to see the Amazon [...]

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A slice of the Caribbean in Colombia

Get inspired

When you think about Colombia, your mind doesn’t automatically jump to beaches, sunshine, and fresh fruit salad served up from street carts, does it? Most people think of guns, cocaine deals and misery; but in six weeks of travelling around Colombia, I barely saw a glimpse of anything like this. In fact, my experience of [...]

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3 Bali beaches for a quick getaway

Bali Beaches - Seminyak Sunset

Bali, Indonesia, is a pretty popular stop for most travelers heading to South East Asia. Fairly cheap and with quite [...]


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