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Three months in Peru: My top seven highlights

In 2014 my boyfriend and I took a career break to travel through South America independently.  We flew to Peru from the UK and subsequently spent a whole three months (two of those illegally, but that’s another story!) exploring the country’s diverse and beautiful landscapes, enjoying its delicious array of culinary options, and experiencing the vibrance and […]

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Celebrating Reveillon In Rio De Janeiro

Where is the best place you’ve ever celebrated New Year’s Eve? Around this year, it’s a common question to ask fellow travelers, and bond over shared stories of awesome escapades abroad. For me, the answer is simple – the place I spent last New Year’s and look forward to celebrating again in just a few […]

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The Charming Bolivian Capital Of Sucre

Many people (myself included, before I started to research an itinerary for my South America trip) assume that La Paz is the capital of Bolivia. It is after all the largest Bolivian city and the largest centre in the country for commerce, finance and industry. It’s also where the government seat is held. However Bolivia’s official […]

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Tango dancing: the heart of Argentina

At the heart of Argentina, in the souls of all the people, is an immense love for the tango dance. You’ll find it happening on the street corners, in the subways, and in restaurants. It’s as if the locals’ emotions are expressed in dance! It’s in their blood! Don’t Miss The Tango in Argentina We […]

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5 must-try drinks in Argentina

Ahh, Argentina, the land of beautiful people and tango, the Paris of South America. Besides the wild partying and the intellectual culture of psychoanalysis, Argentina has a lot to offer. Everyone always talks about how amazing the food is, but what about the drinks? Whether you go to the bustling capital of Buenos Aires or […]

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I Went To Australia With No Money: My Working Holiday

Thanks to having a wild need to make my dreams come true, a serious problem with impulse control, and a […]


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