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Interview with Jim Benning, @jimbenning, of World Hum: Lucky 13 Questions

jim benning head shot profile

Jim Benning is a the co-editors of World Hum, which is one of the best multi-writer travel websites on the internet. (EDIT: He’s more busy than I thought — he also recently started editing SKYE for also). That in and of itself should be enough to put him on the radar screen of those of […]

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Interview with Dave Dean: Lucky 13 Questions

greatest american hero

His answers to the Lucky 13: 1. As a Kiwi, give us a semi-secret spot that most people don’t visit (that they should) in my favorite country of the world? What, and risk running into you there?  Not a chance. Nah seriously, I can give you five of them in the South Island alone – for such […]

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Interview with Andy Hayes, a.k.a. @andrewghayes: Lucky 13 Questions

travel blogger andy hayes

Andy Hayes is someone that I have be following for a while, but until I sat down and listened to him speak at TBU Innsbruck last summer, I didn’t know he would be one of my gurus. Andy is my newsletter guru. I had known for quite a while that I needed to set up […]

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Interview with Geraldine DeRuiter, a.k.a. @everywhereist: Lucky 13 Questions

geraldine deruiter everwhereist

Geraldine is a Twitter friend. By Twitter friend I mean this: we’ve never met, we’ve never spoken on Skype or a regular phone, and until we exchanged emails for this interview, I don’t think we’ve really even emailed each other, at least not in any long, substantive form. Our friendship (so far) exists in 140 […]

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Interview with Christy and Scott of @OrdinaryTraveler: Lucky 13 Questions

Christy and Scott at JoshuaTree

I haven’t gotten to know Christy and Scott nearly as well as I would have liked to. I have been following their blog and their wonderful photography from afar for the past few months, but they are on the long list of people that I want to hoist a few pints of beer with — […]

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Is Christ the Redeemer on your bucket list?

Maybe it should be. The most iconic monument of Brazil (and, some argue, South America), Christ the Redeemer is an […]


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