nora dunn holding crab

Interview with Nora Dunn (@hobonora) of The Professional Hobo: Lucky 13 Questions 8

There have been a number of wonderful side benefits that have accrued from my quixotic¬†Ultimate Train Challenge and other projects is meeting a few travel bloggers that I firmly believe are going to be lifelong friends. Nora Dunn has quickly ascended near the top of the list of bloggers that […]

Lara dunston grandtourismo Wadi Rum

Interview with Lara Dunston of Grantourismo:Lucky 13 Questions 15

Globetrotting travel writer Lara Dunston has authored, contributed to and updated some 50+ guidebooks for Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, and…. a lot more… ¬†as well as published travel articles in magazines, newspapers and websites around the globe, from Wanderlust to National Geographic Traveler. Are you getting my overarching feelings of […]

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Interview with Lindsay Hogg of The Traveler:Lucky 13 Questions 20

Easily winning the award for the most intentionally “in your face” interview yet in the Lucky 13 series, come meet the incredibly reserved, demure and standoffishly polite Lindsay Hogg. Lindsay and I have had more than a few insult war exchanges on Twitter and I have to say… tread lightly if you take her on. This tiny one has some sharp verbal fangs.