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Interview with Kash, the @budgettraveller: Lucky 13 Questions

kash of budget traveller

This is a perfect week to publish Kash’s Lucky 13 interview. You see, it was his birthday just a few days ago. There was a great group of travel bloggers that celebrated with him last Saturday night in Berlin and…. there is video. Kash is a man on the move. He is one of the […]

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Interview with Andrew Evans (@wheresandrew) of National Geographic: Lucky 13 Questions

andrew evans, where is andrew?

Andrew is one of the icons of the travel writing community. He is currently a National Geographic Traveler contributing editor and came to my reading attention when he undertook a travel quest that was partly similar to my round-the-world without flying one — in 2010, he went from Washington, D.C. to Antarctica… by bus. Now […]

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Interview with Pete and Dalene Heck of Hecktic Travels — Lucky 13 Questions

pete and dalene heck of hecktic travels

Time to meet two of my favorite people and favorite bloggers, Pete and Dalene (not Darlene, a mistake I made once… once) Heck of Hecktic Travels. Given the nature of travel blogging, it is a relatively rare time when I can say that I met the people I am interviewing, but in this case, I […]

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Interview with Natalie Taylor, a.k.a. @NearAfar: Lucky 13 Questions

Natalie Taylor travel blogger from Near.Afar.

Natalie is a blogger and writer that has only recently been brought to my attention, by my amazing friend Ayngelina and I am quite happy she did. She has written for a variety of publications (see her writing page for more details), but what I particularly admire is that she manages to keep up an interesting and […]

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Interview with Lisa Lubin, a.k.a. @LLworldtour: Lucky 13 Questions

lisa lubin travel blogger videographer llworldtour

Lisa is damn impressive. First things first, she has won three Emmy awards. That’s pretty cool, in and of itself. In her pre-travel life, she worked for fifteen years as a television writer/producer/editor. Obviously, as an award winning one. She’s gave up that career over three years ago for a life of travel, writing, blogging, and […]

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Planning an Amazing Getaway in Beautiful Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a wonderful destination that has long been a friendly place for American visitors. The immense variety on […]


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