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A big anniversary in my life

A few days ago it was my birthday. I’ve been good about writing something on that day in past years, like in this post, but right now I’m just wandering around to finish off this interesting year and simply didn’t feel like putting something out that particular day. It was a big day though. My […]

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Addiction, life, reflection and the power of working on it all

A few weeks ago, I was back in the States for some travel conferences and also to spend some time with my family. My father’s 70th birthday is coming up in October and we celebrated a bit early, because we could get the whole family together. It was a great week and made me think […]

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My face-plant in the name of blogging

michael hodson injured in bike accident in costa rica

So, as it turns out, I got in a little bit of trouble in Costa Rica all because I was trying to get some content for you, my loyal readers. Well that, and the fact that I am an idiot. Let me explain a bit. I’d flown from London to San Jose, Costa Rica on […]

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Homage to Simple Joys

michael hodson smoking cigar white tuxedo jacket

I have been in a slightly pensive mood lately. Fairly typical in my case. Such moods roll over me every few months and linger for a while. I actually enjoy them quite a bit. The word I most associate with in this times is melancholy, which can mean depression in its normal sense, but not […]

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My Name is Lucky.

police reunion tour red rocks colorado

“Bond, James Bond.” “Lucky, Michael Lucky Hodson.” Just doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as easily. But given that one of those is a fictional character and the other seems to describe my actual real life, I think I win. I have written a good bit before about my random good luck around the world […]

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Planning an Amazing Getaway in Beautiful Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a wonderful destination that has long been a friendly place for American visitors. The immense variety on […]


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