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Awesome Italian towns


MORE GREAT ITALIAN TOWNS A while back we wrote about great hill towns of Italy, this is a continuation of sorts with five more towns we enjoy visiting and hope that you will add them to your Italian itinerary, if you haven’t already. BOLSENA A short drive from Orvieto is the tiny lakeside town of […]

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Our Favorite European Bridges

Bridges seem to be the focus of many tourist pictures. They attract the camera lens as much as doors and waterfalls. Europe has some of the most beautiful bridges in the world and far too many of them to enumerate here but we thought we’d share some of our favorites. The Chain Bridge, Budapest, Hungary […]

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Behind the shot – National Geographic Traveler cover photo contest

Women in Jaipur

One of the better online photo communities out there is National Geographic’s Your Shot. It’s a unique site with 600,000+ members to whom editors assign biweekly photo projects covering topics like “The Pool” and “Bright Ideas in Action.” While it’s best to go out and shoot new material for the assignments, you can also participate by uploading something that’s already in your portfolio. At each […]

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10 things that will surprise you your first time in Thailand

Shoes off in Thailand

I love being able to spend significant amounts of time in a foreign country and really dig into what makes it tick. At the same time, however, the more you become familiar with the people, surroundings, customs and culture, you lose a little bit of that awe, magic and surprise that you felt the first […]

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Great hill towns of Italy

Great hill towns of Italy

Italy is packed with picture perfect hill towns that give beautiful views onto their valleys below. Each one offering something unique, whether it be art, a dish or an historic event. We’ve been in Umbria for two months, close to the regions of Lazio and Tuscany, and have had the opportunity to visit 20 towns so far. […]

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Riverside adventures in Rio Dulce

Riverside adventures in Rio Dulce

The bus ride was long and bumpy to Rio Dulce. Slightly off the normal “Gringo Trail” in Guatemala, I heard […]


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