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Planning your perfect break in Dublin

The Irish capital is one of the most popular destinations for a city break in Europe, and with a long history, vibrant culture and a thriving night life, there is no doubt that there are plenty of good reasons why it is so popular. The ancestral home of Guinness is famous for the amount of […]

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A Mexican Escape

Mexico is a country that is on many people’s bucket list, and while it may often be included as a part of North America for geographic purposes, it is definitely more Latin American and culturally closer to Central America. The country is famous for the wonderful Mayan sites that are to be found across the […]

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Embracing lone travel

What is your reaction when you see someone sat on holiday alone in a bar? Do you think nothing of it, or do you think ‘loner’! I am a seasoned lone traveller, in fact as I sit writing this, I am on a beach on one of my lone breaks. I love the freedom and […]

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Hacking The Airmiles Travel Hack

When it comes to discussing travel hacks, there is one tip that comes above all others, and that is to make sure that you put plenty of your spending on to a credit card that will give you Airmiles allowing you to purchase flights without spending your hard earned money. If you were already spending […]

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Sexiest hotel rooms in Paris, France

Sexiest Hotel Rooms in Paris When it comes to romance, Paris is the number one city for all the tourists of the world to visit. Couples of any age come to the capital of France for the unique atmosphere of love that it radiates all around. It’s important that nothing interferes with that spirit for […]

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Traveler beware: travel hacking problems

The Royal Residenz in Wurzburg, Germany.

Travel hacking is an easy way to earn loyalty rewards that can be redeemed for free or significantly reduced-cost travel. […]


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