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The Five Most Common Travel Accidents

In all the excitement of traveling abroad, it can be easy to forget about the risks a new environment brings. If holidaying in Europe, you can reduce the chances of paying expensive medical bills with a free EHIC card. This allows you access to state-funded healthcare, as well as prescription medicines at reduced rates. Here […]

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Test Video Post

Here is what a YouTube embed video looks like. Hopefully that worked — that is 640×360 x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x Here is 853×480 I can’t do the other player here. If you enjoyed this post, make sure you subscribe to […]

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24 Hours in Macao

Macao is a fascinating area that is often neglected by visitors from the west, as most people visiting this part of China will head to the English speaking territory of Hong Kong. Macao is just over the river and spent a long period as a Portuguese overseas territory. To miss out on the attractions of […]

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How Gorilla Glass Is Helping Me Make The Most Of My Travel

If you have read my blog in the past, then you will know that my travel style isn’t always the easiest on my devices. From watching a camera that I had set up for time lapse photography fall out of a third floor window in Amman to a rough crash while filming a mountain biking […]

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The Changing Faces of Tourism

The concept of the vacation has changed significantly over the past few years. Event and experience vacations have replaced the stereotypical “relaxing” vacation, filled with few plans and lots of free time. Tourism is becoming increasing fragmented and specialized. Religious, language, educational, wellness, and volunteer holidays are amongst the fastest growing in niche and specialized […]

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Is Christ the Redeemer on your bucket list?

Maybe it should be. The most iconic monument of Brazil (and, some argue, South America), Christ the Redeemer is an […]


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