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10 best kept secrets in Barcelona

Monasteri de Pedralbes

Barcelona is a tourist-friendly city and this can be one of its greatest advantages and also a major disadvantage when it comes to crowds and busy spots. Each year the city receives thousands of tourists and as a result, prices soar and the traditional iconic places harder to enjoy. For those looking to enjoy Barcelona […]

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Things to Keep in Mind when Becoming a Travel Blogger

Becoming a travel blogger might be everyone┬┤s dream job. You get paid for doing the things you like the most such as traveling and writing. Many people might think it doesn’t sound as challenging as it actually is, but they are wrong. Becoming a travel blogger (at least a successful one) is no easy task. […]

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The Top Attractions of Malaysia

From the serene blue waters of Langkawi, Penang and Perhentian Island to the glittering skyscrapers of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia comes alive in vivid colors. A beautiful country boasting of rich cultural heritage, Malaysia is a melting pot of Asia and Europe and offers numerous attractions for the travelers. has curated the perfect list of […]

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An Amazing Weekend In Miami Beach

When I went to stay in Miami Beach a few months ago, I was lucky enough to stay at one of South Beach’s iconic hotels, The Raleigh.

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Planning Your Visit To The Great Beach Resorts Of The Adriatic Coast

Located in the North East of Italy, the Adriatic Coast is one of the most beautiful parts of the country, where you will find wonderful beaches and charming towns that are ideal destinations for those looking for a relaxing European break. While some of the most famous destinations such as Venice have been drawing the […]

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I Went To Australia With No Money: My Working Holiday

Thanks to having a wild need to make my dreams come true, a serious problem with impulse control, and a […]


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