The Five Most Common Travel Accidents

In all the excitement of traveling abroad, it can be easy to forget about the risks a new environment brings. If holidaying in Europe, you can reduce the chances of paying expensive medical bills with a free EHIC card. This allows you access to state-funded healthcare, as well as prescription […]

24 Hours in Macao

Macao is a fascinating area that is often neglected by visitors from the west, as most people visiting this part of China will head to the English speaking territory of Hong Kong. Macao is just over the river and spent a long period as a Portuguese overseas territory. To miss […]

The Changing Faces of Tourism

The concept of the vacation has changed significantly over the past few years. Event and experience vacations have replaced the stereotypical “relaxing” vacation, filled with few plans and lots of free time. Tourism is becoming increasing fragmented and specialized. Religious, language, educational, wellness, and volunteer holidays are amongst the fastest […]

A Perfect Weekend In Grenoble

The Rhone-Alpes region of France is one of the most attractive and interesting parts of the country for visitors, and one of the best places to use as a base for exploring the Isere department is the mountain city of Grenoble. This city is surrounded by three mountain chains, which […]

Make vacations doable on nearly any budget

The New York Times reports that scientists from psychology to biology are finding that vacations and time away from the regular routines of daily life are helpful in promoting mental well-being and good physical health. You might be thinking, “Great, but they aren’t good for my wallet.” There are several ways […]

Big City Personality in Hong Kong

I’ve always had a thing for the character and temperament of a big city. Personified – they’re slick and glamorous, young and hungry financial consultants, the suits who party as hard as they work. They’re committed to modernity and connectivity in many ways, yet fiercely conventional in others. Their new […]

Ireland: A Country Made to Inspire

The vibrant city of Dublin may be the first place most people think of when Ireland is mentiones but this gem of country offers a lot more than the capital. Ireland is home to some absolutely stunning spots, historic attractions, and an incredible coastline. Over eight million visitors traveled to […]