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Amazing Travel-ish Videos — the Space Episode

Earth from space 640 HDR

As a new part of my newsletter every month, I decided to add a section of links to various posts, stories, videos and other stuff that I have found on the internet in the last month that will hopefully be interesting to you. The feedback has been very positive about it and I realized this […]

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Trans-Manchurian Video for the Ultimate Train Challenge

Ultimate Train Challenge logo

I wanted to post this first on the Ultimate Train Challenge website, so I did — on this video post of the Trans-Manchurian — but I figured I would put it up over here also. It is my first video effort. More of the story on the link through… and a link there to the […]

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Night Video of the Damascus Souk

I loved walking around the old city in Damascus. I’ll certainly be doing a series of photo essays about it in the near future, mainly focusing on the huge, huge souk (market) there. httpv:// The souk seems to go on forever. There are alleys this way and that and you can find almost any item […]

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Dolphin Video – San Blas Islands, Panama

Who doesn’t love dolphins? Seriously, there is something about them (and whales) that makes everyone happy. These dolphins followed our sailboat for about an hour in the San Blas Islands in Panama. It was amazing. They’d swim in the wake of our boat for a few seconds and then dart ahead full speed in front of the boat…. then circle back around and do it again and again.

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Honoring Shark Week: Video

My weak video of my attempt to Great White Shark dive in South Africa. An effort that failed, alas. Will have to try again soon. If you enjoyed this post, make sure you subscribe to my feed.

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Riverside adventures in Rio Dulce

Riverside adventures in Rio Dulce

The bus ride was long and bumpy to Rio Dulce. Slightly off the normal “Gringo Trail” in Guatemala, I heard […]


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