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Bette, Freddy, Madonna, Louie, Joe… a Show of a Lifetime

mike hodson with jake elwood blues brother berlin impersonator show

An celebrity impersonation show combines nostalgia, campiness and hilarity. They are a fun sing-along and also a gentle laugh-at, all for the price of one ticket. I am not sure I’ve ever been to a impersonation show. Wait, I take that back. I do remember stumbling into a transvestite drag show years ago in Key […]

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Tempelhof Airport and Unexpected Emotion

michael hodson at berlin templehof airport

I would have never thought that a visit to the Berlin Music Festival would be one of the more emotional experiences I have had in quite a long time, but as I came through the terminal entrance of the Berlin Tempelhof Airport, on my way to the runway side of the building, I started choking […]

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The Oddity of German Kitchens

This is a guest post by my good friend David Roberts, who was a lawyer in Fayetteville, Arkansas when I met him and later moved to Germany with his wife for about four years, where he added two kids to his growing family. I asked him to write about the oddity of German kitchens. —————————————- […]

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Photo of the Day: Dresden Statute

dresden warrior statue germany

There is so much that is photo worthy in Dresden, Germany. I spend two or three summer days there and could have spend two or three weeks. It is a beautiful city bisected by the River Elbe.  A must see city in central Europe, in my opinion. Here are links to two other Dresden photos […]

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Photo of the Day: Dresden Summer Day

dresden bikers summer day

I am snowed in here in Northwest Arkansas, so I thought I’d post a photo I took on a lovely summer day in Dresden, Germany. Incredibly beautiful city that was almost completely destroyed in World War II, but is well worth a visit if you are in Europe. If you enjoyed this post, make sure […]

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9 Things to do in Antigua, Guatemala

9 Things to do in Antigua, Guatemala

Ask me my favorite place in Guatemala. Go ahead; just ask. It’s Antigua! I spent a week in Antigua and […]


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