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Strangers on a Train — the video

Trains hold a special fascination for me. They are easily my favorite mode of transportation, which probably is clear to anyone that followed my Lisbon to Saigon train journey a few years ago. On my recent two-week trip in Peru, I finally got to take my first train in South America — making it my […]

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The story of Machu Picchu, told in video

The main purpose of my trip to Peru was to shoot a series of videos about the some of the many sights in that great country. I have teased out a few clips in the last few weeks on my Facebook PageĀ as I took the time to do all the editing needed to get full […]

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The tour in Costa Rica through other eyes

As I wrote recently, I was recently in Costa Rica on a biking tour provided by Exodus Travels. The only problem? I idiotically got into a pretty bad accident about two hours into the tour. It put me into a bit of a bind on how to provide any sort of content for you about […]

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Dog Sledding in Finland

dog sled finland huskies

I absolutely love dogs, but I never would have guessed how much I’d immediately take to dog sledding during my trip to Finland. I only got a chance to do it for a few hours, but as soon as I got off the sled, I turned to the folks running it and asked them if […]

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Finland by Rail (Video)

To say that I had a good time on my trip to Finland would be a gross understatement. I’ll be writing a lot more about my trip in the coming weeks, but I wanted to post up a video that I did from the first day of the trip. I will be doing a lot […]

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Planning an Amazing Getaway in Beautiful Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a wonderful destination that has long been a friendly place for American visitors. The immense variety on […]


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