Shag, Marry, Kill 2

So, in the post below (Cabo Polonio), I talked about a conversational game that I played with those Aussies and Kiwis — Shag, Marry, Kill. One person names three people. Everyone else has to say which one of the three they would shag, which they would marry and which one dies. Very amusing conversations.

I didn’t know how prevalent this game was until I was watching an interview on South African TV a couple nights ago. The host was interviewing some head honcho from one of the political parties down here (national election day is today). The interview was normal for a while — what would you do about this and that problem if you are elected.

Then at the end, “OK, Mister Whomever, have you heard of a game called Mac, Marry, Flush?”
“Well, yes I have.”
“Well then, I have three names for you.” She then gave the names of the wife of the French Prime Minister, the wife of the Zimbabwian Prime Minister and someone else.

And the guy answered.

This isn’t politics like back home. . .

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    Funny! That is one of the great things about travel. Your way of thinking is completely different from the next person’s. Compare, contrast and enjoy the differences.

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