Monthly Archives: September 2009

Blogging the bus from Sweden 1

So I am currently on a bus from Malmo, Sweden (right across from Copenhagen — you can see it from there) to Oslo, Norway. I am in the process of making a mad dash up to the northernmost city in the world, Hammerfest, Norway. That will make the southernmost and […]

Foreign Accents 4

The up and down lilt of a French girl giving you directions in English. The high-pitched excitement of a Japanese woman taking a picture of a good sunset. The low murmur, almost growl, of an Eastern European woman telling you what she thinks of that particular opera singer. A good British or Aussie letting out a rip-roaring toast at a local pub. Hell, I think a cute Irish girl telling me I am a lout is pretty hot.

Traveler? 3

I’vc been a bit contemplative lately. Must be the trains. And with that, on we go. .. More times than I can count on this trip, I have had the “what is your trip” conversation with fellow travelers. “What is your trip” is the travel equivalent of “what do you […]