Monthly Archives: October 2009

New Travel Plans (Cargo Freighter Travel) 4

I had made reservations on a cargo freighter leaving Singapore to Perth, Australia on December 12th, which would get me in around December 21st. It shocks me that there is so little traffic between Southeast Asia and Australia, at least in terms of ships that will take passengers. That ship was the only freighter going between the busiest port in the world, Singapore, and a well-developed, first world economy, Australia, for a period of about three months. Fortunately, I reserved my space on it about a month ago and I was ready and set to go.

Cambodia meeting with John McDermott

Emailed him and asked if he was still in the area and would like to meet for a drink. He replied inside the hour. And a couple of Arkies are going to get a beer or three near Angkor Wat and I’m going to pick his brain on living in SE Asia and photography. Pretty excited about it.

Fan Death Myth in South Korea 3

I had a great day today wandering around Bejing and taking pictures of the Forbidden City, but perhaps the biggest smile was thing morning at my hostel over coffee with another couple girls staying there.  They are on a vacation in China and SE Asia after teaching for a year […]

Shout Out from Tony Kornheiser 1

What is also great about his show is that it is only about half sports. He (and the people he has in the booth with him, three or so everyday from a rotating cast of about seven or eight) ends up more of the time just talking about things in the news, entertainment, movies, music, and such. His show hits about everything under the sun – and his show’s self-deprecating tag line is “this show stinks!”

Guest Post from one of my great friends 3

A Message from the Home Front By Doug Muzzy, Guest Blogger I am honored to be allowed to be a “guest blogger” for the Mobile Lawyer. It is my hope that by offering this glimpse of the “home front” that it may encourage others that call themselves Mike’s friends to […]

Upbeat travel story – by ship up Norway with the Kindness of a Stranger 7

When I got to Oslo on a bus from Malmo, Sweden, I asked at the bus station about buying a ticket for the next day on that bus. Turns out that bus doesn’t exist anymore. Apparently, you can only go about half way up Norway via buses. This was a major problem. Getting this close and not making one of my (revised) travel goals was going to be really annoying.

Very Brief Update from Norway and Russia 3

Tonight a 72 hour train to Irkutsk. Funny thing about all Russian trains: the schedules are all printed on Moscow time. I’ll actually be going over five time zones to the east, but my ticket said I arrived around 11:30 p.m. Whoops. That’s actually 4:30 a.m. local time. Will be interesting to find a hostel at that time of the day, especially because Irkutsk is not a big tourist town with tons of options.