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Interview with Adam Groffman of Travels of Adam: Lucky 13 Questions 3

I got to know Adam a little bit when he was spending four months in Israel on an internship for the Geneva Initiative and doing some really interesting posting from there. It was an interesting time of interesting combinations on his blog, world politics and travel, all in one. For the travel and political junkie that I am, it was a great combination.

Middlin’ to Average Moments in 2010

In all the hullabaloo about everyone’s best things of the year, I think we lose focus on what is truly important. The best things are great, but by definition they are rare and almost unattainable. Well, apparently they aren’t that unattainable, since everyone has ten of them in a variety of categories at this time of year, but you get the point. Focusing on only the things at the top is quite unfair to the bulk of life, the average.

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People Watching from the Breakfast Table: Crown Point, Tobago 15

Over breakfast a few weeks ago in Tobago, I was listening to the conversation of a table of four locals next to me. The only man was an older man that looked, and sounded, like he had immigrated from India at some point. He had a big, sweeping, bushy mustache and his English was a mix of proper British style English, that I imagined he learned in India, and more of the local creole dialect, which is damn difficult to understand at the speed they throw it out.

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Interview with Brendan van Son of World is My Jungle Gym: Lucky 13 Questions 8

Brendan’s first post on his website is just from March of 2010, but he has made a splash in a short period of time. One of the things that brought him to my attention (and I think the attention of many other travel bloggers) was when he began his Top 100 Independent Travel Websites list earlier this year. Not only was it a marketing stroke of genius, for me it was one of the big reasons I moved from my previous crappy format to a serf-hosted site run on WordPress.

Cold Showers from Hell 35

I suppose there aren’t any cold showers in hell, now that I think about it, but regardless, I hate cold showers. Hate. Hate. Before I first started on my RTW overland trip in December of 2008, I couldn’t remember the last time I took an intentionally cold shower. Like anyone […]

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