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Nitpicking about Books – well, A Walk Along the Ganges 2

So here is my brief axe to grind, whilst I read a new book on my Kindle. I bought a book by a Brit named Dennison Berwick called A Walk Along the Ganges. The concept was one that appealed to me — his quixotic travel quest was to walk the entire length of the sacred Ganges, some 1550 or so miles, to see what he could learn about India, its people, and Hinduism. Seeing as I on a quest with a similar ground-based restrictions, I thought it would be an interesting read. And it is. He’s a good writer and the tale is a good one.

Freighter Travel: Part Two 7

• Perhaps the strangest thing to be about it is that it doesn’t feel that much different to plane travel at its core: both are monotonous. Neither provide much excitement or scenery, unlike trains and cars and buses. • The title of my blog is One Lap, No Jetlag (I […]

Freighter Travel: The Basics 7

While sitting on my third freighter ride of the trip, I thought I’d do a quick summary of what I’ve learned and experienced from my ship travel so far. To review, the first of my ships was from a port near Rio in Brasil to Cape Town, South Africa.  Getting […]