Photo of the Day: Fog Rolls In (Maine) 1

rowboats in fog in maine
From Various old

Found some old pics that I like. Prior to this particular trip. This one was in Maine. Was standing on a dock, waiting for my lunch order to come up and the fog rolled in FAST. Literally 2 minutes before this pic, you could see these boats perfectly.

For me, Maine is one of those spots in the States that is perfect when you are looking for cheap short breaks, especially if you are in the East Coast. It is fairly easy to get to from New York or Washington D.C., and once you are up there, you feel like you have the whole place to yourself. There are literally hundreds of thousands of acres of pristine forest as far as the eye can see, plus the state and national parks there, both inland and on the coast, are some of the best and most underappreciated in the entire U.S. So you should use any chance you have of heading on up there and enjoying them.

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