Photo of the Day: Cappadocia, Turkey 8

Cappadocia Turkey black and white
From Capadocia

Such a wonderful place. One of my top 5 suggestions when people ask me, “what country should I go visit?”

Here is video from a ballon ride at dawn there also.

What would have been nice was if I had actually managed one of the cheap holidays to Turkey that I have read so much about. Turkey is one of those countries that is not too expensive, but it takes a good bit of research to get the plans set so that you aren’t spending a fortune. Once you get outside of Istanbul, things get a lot cheaper, but watch out particularly for transportation costs, which can sap your wallet quickly, because it is such a large country. The one thing to remember about Turkey is that the food is truly fantastic. Turkish food is common in Europe, but you will be getting the real thing, in the homeland, when you get here. So have your stomach all ready to go, because it is filling, cheap and good.

The other thing to remember is  there is an amazing variety of things to do and see there. Obviously, as my photo indicates, the Cappadocia region is perfect for photographs, but it doesn’t stop there. The Roman ruins here are great, the coastal areas are some of the most scenic in the world and Istanbul has the collection of modern and Islamic that makes for perfect memories.

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8 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: Cappadocia, Turkey

  • SoloTraveler

    Turkey is a top 5 place I'd recommend people visit, along with Namibia, Cambodia, New Zealand and Colombia.

  • charles

    Hi there,
    Just stumbled on your blog! Really interesting.
    I definitely agree with you on Turkey, terrific place to visit.
    I just got back from there 2 weeks ago, that was an awesome trip. I made it to Capadoccia and loved it.
    By the way, I agree with Cambodia as well. Haven’t been to Colombia and Namibia yet but would add Argentina, France and Thailand to my list. Wonderful countries as well.

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