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Guest Post: What to Expect from Paris

Paris: What to expect from the City of Lights and Love Paris’s reputation precedes the city itself. In 1828, the city began lighting the Champs-Élysées with gas lamps. As the first city in Europe to do so, it earned the nickname ‘La Ville-Lumière’ or the ‘City of Lights’. The tradition […]

Photo Journal: Franz Josef Glacier (New Zealand) 11

On the west side of the South Island of New Zealand are two glaciers (20 kms to the north lays Fox Glacier) that are unique in the world, in that they descend from the Southern Alps right down to almost sea level, and peter out in lush, warm, temperate rainforest at that level.

impact of global warming on franz josef glacier

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Craziest Person I Have Ever Met 25

He asked us where we were from. We told him and asked in return. “I live in a tree in Africa.” We chuckled. Not that funny, but I’ve heard worse. We assumed he was joking, so we asked him to tell us about his tree. He did. Without cracking a smile. We asked what he was doing here, if he lived in a tree in Africa. He said it wasn’t difficult to get to. And we realized that we needed to try to find a way to end this conversation as quickly as possible.